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Date/Time: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 09:03:33 +0000

Volume at Price/Profile based data/ accessing vap container

Support Request:
[2019-02-11 07:59:27]
lightbeckons - Posts: 11
Hi all,
Ive been playing around with the volume by price indicator since a month now and recently started programming. I have several questions about the approaches i could take and i would appreciate any help in the regard.
1. How do i acccess the individual elements of the VAP container of a daily profile? in regard to how do i extract the data at idividual price levels. there are inbuilt functions in VAP for doing so, but the documentation is rather inadequate regarding functions and member values.
2. If sierra doesnt provide access to this data at each price level for a particular profile/time period, has anybody managed to (or is it possible to) maintain such an array with volumes at every price levels as the chart develops, using whatever functions sierra currently provides in ACSIL. Would such an undertaking be worth the ease of data access gained?
3.(this is a minor one) I am having trouble declaring and initializing pointers in the data environment provided and also while passing them to functions. I am probably making a silly error and an example of a function like the GetStudyPeakValleyLine which has multiple pointers to be passed, would sufficiently clear my doubts. Any one who already uses similar functions, please help.
[2019-02-11 23:21:41]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 75330
1. This is the function for this:

2. Refer to:

3. That function uses references and no pointers.
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[2019-02-12 07:20:59]
lightbeckons - Posts: 11
THank you for replying. I have gone through the documentation but havent been able to implement it practically. An example to access the volume at say the current bid price would go a long way. There seems to be insufficient examples of the GetVolumeAtPriceDataForStudyProfile
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[2019-02-13 07:07:37]
lightbeckons - Posts: 11
Thank you, I have managed to get it done by playing around with references in ACSIL. Although it would be great if there were a few examples on these particular functions which give access to the data at the core level which is unique to Sierra, in its endeavor.
I am looking forward to contributing directly to Sierra's arsenal of indicators and attention to the minutest (yet significant) details of the market.

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