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Date/Time: Fri, 21 Jun 2024 07:11:33 +0000

Global Profit/Loss Management - (New) Lock Attached Stop Orders

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[2019-01-06 13:12:33]
User7817001 - Posts: 96
Morning folks,

Global Profit/Loss Management is THE most powerful set of tools SierraCharts offers, providing 'belt and suspenders' for those whom choose to use them.
Please take a look at the attached image showing just where a new and should be final modification to Global Profit/Loss Management should need to take place.
These settings are to assist the speculator in not doing insane things, which all (most) speculators have done or feel they want to do during the trade.
This last recommendation is also important.

A single checkbox ‘Lock Stop Orders’ enabled (see attached image) = attached stop orders are allowed to only trail a position one cannot move a stop in the direction of additional loss, NOR close the attached stop order (removes the ‘x’ on the stop order (see attached image), one can only [flatten] to eliminate the attached stop.

Thank you for your time.
Attachment Deleted.
imageCapture3.JPG / V - Attached On 2019-01-06 13:12:12 UTC - Size: 114.46 KB - 419 views
[2021-07-25 03:30:43]
Fanch - Posts: 19
In my opinion, that would be a killer feature saving a lot of money to even the best intentioned traders.
Is this something the team would consider?
Or something that could be implemented in ACSIL by maintaining some state and reverting stop modifications every time one is done?
[2023-03-07 17:49:48]
User800846 - Posts: 18
Oh this would be amazing, Please!
[2023-03-07 21:58:54]
User90125 - Posts: 715
Does the Teton CME Order Routing solution have a user-accessible front end that could faciliate a more robust Global Profit/Loss Management scheme? If not, perhaps one could be implemented in due course.

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