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IB Integration

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[2018-12-22 21:04:57]
arruga - Posts: 245
Hi there.
What I want do is to get market data through SC Real Time and Historical Exchange Data Feed, but place/manage orders in IB from within SC. Is this doable? It seems that the SC’s Interactive Brokers Trading Service page explains how to get data from IB to SC, but I don’t want the Integration to get data from IB, I only want the integration so I can place orders in IB from within SC.
Also, I have both an IB live trading account and a paper account but I would like to test the integration first on the paper account. Can I place orders in IB from within SC without having a market data subscription? I only want to test the API, so am happy to do this on delayed data, so no need of market data subscription just yet.
[2018-12-24 10:20:11]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104367
Yes this is fully supported and is explained in detail here:
Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed: Integration with Trading Services

Can I place orders in IB from within SC without having a market data subscription?
Yes. You can use the Interactive Brokers delayed data which will be provided.
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