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Date/Time: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 23:56:08 +0000

[User Discussion] - Spread Sheet study, Find last value of previous month in AA3 column

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[2013-11-07 16:31:24]
jdconner - Posts: 27
I'm trying to find the last value of previous month in column AA3 and and carry it back in history.

[2013-11-07 19:47:20]
jackw - Posts: 56
Enter the following formula in cell K2:
This will give you the value in cell AA3 as of the last day of the prior month.
Then you can just put =K2 in cell K3 and let it copy down.

Date Time Of Last Edit: 2013-11-07 19:47:45
[2013-11-07 21:01:57]
jdconner - Posts: 27
That works but it only shows the last 2 months, is there any way to make it show more history.

[2013-11-07 21:23:55]
jackw - Posts: 56
In the formula, the reference to cells A1003 and AA1003 assume there are 1000 rows of data loaded. If you have more rows loaded, they should be adjusted (i.e. for 2000 rows, use A2003 and AA2003).

Also, if you need more rows of data loaded into the spreadsheet, You can increase the number of rows in the study settings.

If I'm misunderstanding you, please post again with more details.

[2013-11-14 23:23:08]
jdconner - Posts: 27
I got it working. Thanks Jack

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