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Date/Time: Mon, 27 May 2019 04:26:25 +0000

Feature Request - Market Depth Hist. Graph

Support Request:
[2018-12-07 15:12:37]
conr - Posts: 154
Currently, in the Market Depth Hist. Graph settings window to adjust shading, a number has to be entered and then hit okay. Is it possible to instead have a slide bar you can move either left or right while at the same time see the amount of shading/contrast while moving that bar?
[2018-12-09 14:22:49]
conr - Posts: 154
[2018-12-10 14:47:52]
User887003 - Posts: 5
In the new release (1850) you can now set the quantity to be displayed as a 'percentage of maximum depth' instead of an 'actual value'. This can be changed in the study setting under 'Value type for graph only quantities greater or equal to'

It is no longer necessary to have to keep adjusting the actual value as the state of liquidity changes throughout the session. It does not address your original question but may be of some benefit to you.


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