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Date/Time: Thu, 13 Dec 2018 07:30:54 +0000

[Sticky] - Customizable Trade Window

Support Request:
[2018-11-17 20:22:23]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 66930
We have been asked to support a customizable Trade Window for a long time now and it is something we have been wanting to do but the concept was never very simple. Additionally we did not want to make any changes to the existing Trade Window layout in a way that some users might want because other users are going to be adversely affected by that.

Gradually though, through the request of various trading commands to be added to the Control Bar, the Control Bar itself has become a customizable Trade Window since the layout of that is customizable and it can be set to be floating and there are multiple Control Bars which can be displayed for the main Sierra Chart window and also for individual detached charts and Trading DOMs.

In the latest release we have added even more commands which can be found in Global Settings >> Customize Control Bars >> Control Bar #>> Available Control Bar Commands >> Trade Window Menu.

We also decided we will add new control types to the Control Bar for the Trade Account selection and for the display of the Position and Profit/Loss . So in this way, most of the functionality other than configuring Attached Orders can now be done through the Control Bar but we can also probably create a separate interface for configuring Attached Orders which can be opened through the control bar as well.
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[2018-11-18 04:03:56]
Acro - Posts: 234
Is there any chance you could update the documentation please with screenshots to show us the power of this feature.
For example, a screenshot of a trade dom enhanced by two trading specific control bars using some of the commands now available with the latest release ?

Also, when testing this out:
1. I could not find a way to customize the Curstom Trading Command section that is available for a control bar.
eg if I wanted to set a custom trading command to "move target +1" or "move Stop -1" I cannot find any way to do that currently even though it is easily possible to do the same via a keyboard shortcut
2. The Use Attached Orders button does not change color intensity between when it is switched on or off
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[2018-11-20 02:26:32]
Acro - Posts: 234
Another issue I have found using this control bar method next to entry column is that if you leave your mouse hovering eg over the Sell Market button on the control bar you get the hover text shown in the attached image, which can obscure the data you are trying to read in that entry column
imageSierraChart_64_2018-11-19_21-21-51.png / V - Attached On 2018-11-20 02:25:53 UTC - Size: 2.54 KB - 95 views

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