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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Jul 2022 00:22:37 +0000

User Functions in C++ pro

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[2013-04-06 03:30:21]
hairyMug - Posts: 31
using VS2010 C++, I built my first ACSIL; Works as expected...
Following your docs, I created a simple user function:

void Init()
... do something

I have no errors on the code itself except where I attempt to call the function, I get an
'Init': identifier not found
So I'm guessing it does not know where the user function is declared??
I am a p/a but have avoided C++,(mostly managed c#), so I Just need a hint.

>> I do have the "include" and "std" noted in your docs

[2013-04-06 03:42:53]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103558
We would have to see the entire source code file to be sure, but probably if it is what we suspect, place this function above the function you are calling it from:

void Init()
... do something

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