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Synchronize 2 computers with SC

Support Request:
[2013-04-05 19:02:46]
User23815 - Posts: 187
New user. I now have my primary computer set up with SC as I want. What is the easiest way to set up SC on my backup computer with the same Chartbooks, studies, chart settings, and any other trade or chart items set up in my primary computer? Thanks
[2013-04-05 20:29:16]
CarlRostron - Posts: 75
Sync of sc across multiple machines would be a massive step forward given that most serious traders have a number of copies of the app across various devices. +1 from me
[2013-04-05 21:57:34]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68091
Refer to help topic 15 here:

We generally avoid the idea of synchronization, because then you are giving up your privacy and transmitting all your information through a server of ours including trading account passwords. It's not something we have on our list of things to do. People too often these days do not realize the serious privacy issues for convenience features. For example using free email addresses like Gmail, you completely open up your email to spying.

And besides, you can easily just copy the files yourself.

With the way Sierra Chart is designed, copying the files is very straightforward. You do not need to copy the large Intraday data files (.scid files). We will update the documentation to indicate this.
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[2018-05-26 05:05:00]
User651753 - Posts: 62
is it possible to have the install file on Dropbox ( i understand it not safe )

what about using sync app like "Allway Sync" to just sync the main file

it would be a great feature if SC had cloud save - not of account and password and data, but layout and chartbook would be very helpful
[2018-05-26 18:03:23]
sunnyod - Posts: 156
I use an excellent syncing app (freeware) to take backups that are ommit the .scid files using filtering. You can get it here, set up your secondary pc with the sierra installation directory as a windows network share, then mirror sync your main installation to that folder... it will only copy across files that have changed...

sync on a local network and you have no security issues

you can get it here https://freefilesync.org/download.php
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