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Date/Time: Sun, 15 Dec 2019 06:24:31 +0000


[2018-03-22 21:37:08]
User952186 - Posts: 58
I only trade cryptocurrencies and maker/taker fees are important as they are higher than regular stock exchanges.
For Bitmex:
Maker Fee is -0.0250%
Taker Fee is 0.0750%  
Long Funding Fee is 0.0143%  
Short Funding Fee is -0.0143%  
These are calculated 8 hours basis. How can I define these commission by using global settings>symbol settings>Additional>Round Turn Commission field?
Is there a workaround?
[2018-04-27 08:08:41]
User952186 - Posts: 58
Hi again,
Is it possible to define commission rate as percentage?
[2018-04-27 23:24:04]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 79192
No it is not. We will see about that later on in the year.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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[2019-07-12 02:07:18]
Leprickahn - Posts: 2
I agree it would definitely be nice to be able to calculate bitmex maker/taker commissions through Sierra Chart.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2019-07-12 02:07:32
[2019-08-14 19:00:49]
ILIM KIRGIZ - Posts: 187
Is there any update regarding % commission? It is very important for FX trading as most of the brokers such as LMAX are taking commissions abov nominal value of trades and it destroy P/L calculation badly.
[2019-08-19 08:21:33]
User371879 - Posts: 4
it would definitely be nice to be able to calculate FX trading commissions through Sierra Chart
[2019-08-21 07:22:25]
ARDAN - Posts: 62
I also trade via LMAX and they charge % commission on each buy and sell transaction. Sierra profit calculation is becoming useless without this feature.
This feature would make life easier for LMAX traders.
[2019-08-22 17:59:33]
ILIM KIRGIZ - Posts: 187
I open a trade with 20 ticks (2 pip stops away) which might have 2m$ position size which requires me to pay 200$ to open and close the position due to lmax fee.
I do not see this in my P/L calculation and trade statistics.
[2019-08-29 07:41:44]
ILIM KIRGIZ - Posts: 187
Dear support,
What is required to be able to have such a crucial feature for an FX trader in high leveraged exchanges with significant commission %s?
[2019-09-15 10:02:33]
ILIM KIRGIZ - Posts: 187
If you don't have a plan to add % commission, could you please let me know If we can do this via a custom study?
Basically I need % commission to be included in all P/L calculations of my trades.

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