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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 23:00:39 +0000

[Programming Help] - Quick way to Reload custom study after rebuild?

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[2018-03-04 09:44:42]
TedMar - Posts: 189
Hi, after changes/edition and rebuild of my custom DLL, i looking for quick way reload them in Sierra chart.
Any Idea?
[2018-03-04 21:48:58]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
This is the only information we have available on this:
Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language (ACSIL): Modifying Advanced Custom Study Code
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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[2018-03-04 23:10:05]
TedMar - Posts: 189
Ok.. i found same Resolution by self
"...If you change any of the code in the sc.SetDefaults code block the top of your function, such as Inputs or Subgraphs, and the study is already on a chart, then you will need to remove the study from the chart and add it again to see your changes."

Thank You
[2023-09-27 07:13:54]
User907967 - Posts: 53
Hi, it does not appear to be easier than F6, then remove the study, then re-add it. There are a couple of quick buttons under Build Advanced Custom Studies under the Control Bar, but I am not sure how they would work. I agree that if one intends to make small changes quickly, recompile, and then reload, we need a quicker way to reload the newly compiled study (and not the chart).
[2023-12-02 10:06:03]
User498966 - Posts: 2
I got this done with a simple macro.
Most of the SC buttons have a letter assigned and there are often unmarked/underlined.
Try Alt-Letter ...

First I have to install my workspace.
Open SC with the chartbook I am working in.
Bringing the chart in focus where my study is working in.
Startíng notepad++ as my coding editor.
Then I do my study work and if I wanna perform a test the following sequence work fine:

bring focus on SC
Alt-A     (opens "Analysis")
B     (pick "Built advanced custom studies")
Alt-B     (pick "Build")
Cursor Down
Enter    (compiling study)
<wait for finish> (few seconds delay)
Alt-F4     close window "Analysis"
focus on SC again
F6    open chart studys window
Alt r    remove study
Alt m    add custom study
Enter    activate
Enter    pick the default study

Now the study is compiled and reloaded in SC chart.

To get the study you working at as the default in the last step you have to perform a study reload once before.

I use the macro recorder and assigned a shortcut (Alt-F5).
So i just have to save my codings in notepad and hit Alt-F5 to get all this done.

The macro file is binary so I cant bring it up here apologize.
If you like to get it, contact me via SSicTec@web.de and you'll get it (for free of course).
[2023-12-02 10:14:51]
User498966 - Posts: 2
File attached
attachmentMacro SC Study ReBuild and ReLoad.mrf - Attached On 2023-12-02 10:10:46 UTC - Size: 3.24 KB - 69 views

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