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Date/Time: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 02:54:04 +0000

New Offering - Order Flow Trading Bots aka SceetoBots

[2018-02-10 13:32:29]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Algo Futures is pleased to announce, SceetoBots, a new offering built for Sierra Chart traders.

Sceetobots is a suite of our next generation order flow algorithms and also reconfigurable trading bots - which can be turned ON and OFF in a discretionary manner by a trader.

Get a free trial and learn more about SceetoBots and how they might lighten your trading and analysis load, while increasing your accuracy - and as a side benefit, freeing up your time visit:


All the best,
Carl from ...sceeto

Ditch the Mouse - Deploy a Bot

P.S. - SceetoBots not only free up your time, and your mind, they will also give your mouse finger relief from Carpal Tunnel while being the insanely disciplined and quick trader that humanoids have a tough time being.
[2018-02-13 15:45:55]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
We have just posted an article on 'Engulfing Sweep of the Order Book - Insights For Bot Use'.

This algo study surfaces Sweeps that engulf an extreme amount of transactions across the order book.

The sweeping of the order book is one of the primary order flow tells that we use in our trading.

This sweeping can signify a tradeable change in direction in the market.

This type of order flow information is something that algos do a good job of surfacing and more importantly, bots do a good job of taking advantage of.

[2018-02-14 18:37:20]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15

We are pleased to announce, that as of this today, you can now use SceetoBots to process the full-sized gold futures contract (GC).

In order to expose GC contracts in your SceetoBots' Markets Pick-List, simply restart your instance of Sierra Chart.
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[2018-02-15 13:09:22]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
The Role of a Bot Deploying Trader - Part 1 of a 7 Part Series


In this episode of the series we discuss how in the new world of bot trading:

1. Traders no longer trade.

2. Traders assess market conditions and deploy bots.

3. It is the bots job to trade.

How in This New Trading Paradigm, the Trader’s Primary Question is the Market Trending, Reversing, or Range Bound?

  If the trader assesses that the market is trending up, then…

Deploy Long Trend Friendly Bots.

  If the trader assesses that the market is likely to reverse at a known level,   then…

Deploy Reversal Friendly Bots.

  If the trader assesses that the market is range bound, then…

Deploy Mean Reversion Friendly Bots, or Simply Stand Down.

Four types of SceetoBots to start with…

+ Order Flow with Pivot.

+ Order Flow without Pivot.

+ Engulfing\Beat

+ Fade Conclusionary Order Flow
imageThe Role of a Bot Trader - Part 1 of 7.jpg / V - Attached On 2018-02-15 13:08:13 UTC - Size: 37.26 KB - 815 views
[2018-02-16 15:26:12]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
4 Primary Categories of Trading Bots - Part 2 of a 7 Part Series


In this episode we discuss the four primary types of discretionary trading bots that a trader can deploy either individually or concomitantly:

+ Order Flow with Pivot.

+ Order Flow without Pivot.

+ Engulfing\Beat.

+ Fade Conclusionary Order Flow.

This ordered breakdown of bots allows a trader to focus on market structure and price action.

When the trader envisions that the market is ripe for a particular type of bot to be deployed to the market, they release this bot.

It is then the bots job to navigate order flow - and - if the bot's rules are met enter and manage the trade.

If the rules are not met, the bot can be configured to turn itself off, or the trader can turn the bot off.
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imageThe 4 Types of Trading Bots - Part 2 of 7.jpg / V - Attached On 2018-02-16 15:30:23 UTC - Size: 66.22 KB - 625 views
[2018-02-18 22:17:22]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Order Flow with a Pivot - Part 3 of a 7 Part Series


In this episode we drill down into what rules are embedded in the primary bot that I use, which we refer to as a 'Pivot with Order Flow' bot.

Along with a pivot in price, this SceetoBot also hunts for:

1. Extended Book Pressure -or-

2. Sweep of the Order Book -or-

3. Engulfing Sweeps of the Order Book -or-

4. Chaotic Relationship Between Transactions & Price Discovery
imageOrder Flow with a Pivot - Part 3 SceetoBots.jpg / V - Attached On 2018-02-18 22:16:38 UTC - Size: 86.89 KB - 574 views
[2018-02-23 03:59:13]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Deploying Trading Bots From The Couch While Watching Nature Channel - Literally

[2018-02-26 21:54:00]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
How To Trade While Getting Other Work Done via SceetoBots and Sierra Chart Study Audio Alerts

We developed SceetoBots in order to save the incredible amount of time that was spent waiting for a setup to occur.

In this video, you will see how I use audio alerts on Book Pressure to let me know that it might be good time to look up at the market.

When Book Pressure reaches a certain threshold, this is frequently a good time to take a quick look at the market to see if one or more SceetoBots should be deployed.

This approach allows me to get the kind of work done that I want to get done without unduly missing trade opportunities.


Here is the snippet of code that I used to generate the Book Pressure alert in Sierra Chart:

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[2018-03-04 16:50:28]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
The SceetoBot Market Conditions Cheat Sheet Part 4 of a 7 Part Series

In this video we cover what SceetoBots to deploy under what market conditions:


The Cheat Sheet can be found here:

[2018-03-04 23:02:01]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Here is a Slack chat transcript that, imho, sums up what we have learned about the 'Best Practice' for trading with bots.


It may seem a little cryptic but I think that it is worth reading all the way through as it is the whole shebang.

If you need clarification on what we are chatting about, please feel free to open a help desk ticket here.

[2018-03-11 12:50:54]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Conclusionary Order Flow - Critical Insights Part 5 of a 7 Part Series

SceetoBots can provide you with a portfolio of order flow algorithms that lock into what's going on within the order book.

These order flow algorithms are embedded into the decision making process of our SceetoBots.

When a SceetoBot gets actionable information from one of these order flow algorithms, it can pounce with sub-second response times.

[2018-03-15 21:37:21]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
SceetoBots supports the 64-bit version of Sierra Chart.

You do not need to install, or modify anything, to run SceetoBots on the 64-Bit version of Sierra Chart.

If you are subscribed to SceetoBots, or on a free-trial, the following 64-bit files will automatically downloaded to your trading rig:

chartdir60_64.dll \\ This dll manages the reporting dashboard

Sierra Chart Rules!
[2018-03-15 22:16:22]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
SceetoBots now supports touch-screen monitors for deploying trading bots. :-)

The advantage of a touch-screen monitor over binding bots to a programmable keyboard boil down to the ease of iteration and configuration change with the touch-screen vs. the programmable keyboard.

I have been using a programmable keyboard to deploy bots for about 9 months and found that when I add/remove bots from the Launch Pad, it can be cumbersome to update the keyboard's button labels and also the keyboard firmware.

If instead, a trader uses a touch-screen monitor, as the bots are updated on the Launch Pad, the touch-screen monitor is automatically updated. Phew...

In the past, I have dreaded revving my programmable keyboard out of sheer laziness and also out of a desire to not mess anything up.

Replacing the physical keyboard with a touch-screen monitor removes all of this physical drudgery.

Here are some monitors that may be a good fit: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3ASMGAO7PU2QC

Note - The monitors in this list use a USB connection. This means that no updates to graphic cards need be addressed :-)

I have not yet used any of these keyboards...but if someone does take one for a test-drive with SceetoBots, please let me know how it goes.

Once I test drive, I will update this thread with my findings.

Sierra Chart Rules!
[2018-03-16 00:38:21]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 96917 | Ending Date: 2022-04-10
Touchscreen monitors are very good. This is what we use and Sierra Chart does support them well and will always.

Unfortunately, other major software developers are messing up their user interfaces and making their software totally dysfunctional with touchscreens. But Sierra Chart is always going to be solid and capable in this way.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

Your definitive source for support. Other responses are from users. If possible please keep your questions brief and to the point. Please be aware of support policy:

If your question/request has been answered and you do not have anything further, then it is easiest for us if you do not reply again to say thank you.
[2018-03-26 20:49:52]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Feature Upgrade Notification - Re-jiggered Launch Pad for easier Touch Screen Use

We have just published a new build of SceetoBots which will be downloaded to user's machines the next time that they restart Sierra Chart.

The new build re-jiggers the columns in the SceetoBots Launch Pad so that the name of each SceetoBot is directly next to the bot's deployment buttons.

For users of touch-screen monitors this allows for less eye movement from away price actin when a trader wants to deploy a bot.

I keep the Launch Pad very close to price and I have noticed this tweak makes deployment of bots much easier.

As I have recently switched from a custom keyboard which I used to deploy bots, which had a tactile feel and did not need me to look away from the chart to deploy bots, to a touch-screen, I have noticed that the placing the Launch Pad close to the current price improves accuracy and makes things easier.

Note We are also looking into adding a level of transparency to the Launch Pad so that it can hover directly over price - if the trader so chooses.

Also, we are building a very touch-screen friendly 'BreachBot' that we hope to beta in the next 2 weeks.

Keep an eye out here for more details on the BreachBot.

Sierra Chart Rules!
imageSceetoBot - Updated Touch Screen Trading Launch Pad - Order .png / V - Attached On 2018-03-26 20:46:38 UTC - Size: 164.7 KB - 944 views
[2018-03-28 18:59:02]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Transparent Launch Pad Coming Next Week

When using a touch screen to deploy bots, I have noticed that myself, and other traders, like to position the SceetoBots Launch Pad as close to price as possible.

A few days ago we published a re-jiggered Launch Pad in order to minimize how far a trader's eye had to flicker away from Price action and over to the Launch Pad in order to tap on thier screen, or move their mouse,to deploy a bot.

To furthermore extend the efficiency the Launch Pad's usability, we have completed a prototype of a semi-transparent Launch Pad interface so that a trader can plunk their Launch Pad directly over price.

(See attached graphic of prototype)

The speed and accuracy with which a trader can now deploy bots by simply tapping on a screen totally changes the model for scalpers - particularly scalpers who incorporate order flow information into their analysis.

We are working to complete testing of this functionality this week, and released the functionality to this trading community next week.

Very excited,
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imageimage.png / V - Attached On 2018-03-28 18:59:51 UTC - Size: 288.73 KB - 488 views
[2018-03-30 00:36:41]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Updated SceetoBots With Re-Jiggered Launch Pad columns & User Configurable Launch Pad Transparency Has Been Released.

Transparency = 0 means that you cannot see through the Launch Pad.

Transparency = 100 means that the Launch Pad is a plane of glass.

I have been tinkering with the transparency setting and though I originally though that 40 was ideal....I am now fond of the 75 - 80.

The attached graphic is 75% transparent.

If you are a SceetoBots trader, the next time that you restart Sierra Chart, the new 32-bit and 64-bit SceetoBot DLLs with the transparent Launch Pad will automatically be installed on your trading rig.

Please give it a go and let me know what you think.
imageSceetoBots - Launch Pad - Transparency - Order Flow Trading .png / V - Attached On 2018-03-30 00:33:55 UTC - Size: 206.03 KB - 2319 views
[2018-04-04 22:33:51]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
We have been road testing the GeChic On-Lap 1503I touch-screen monitor.

It is very cool.

It ships with short cords...but longer ones are available as an add-on, as-is a rear-port integrated power pack.


Attached is a pic of what the touch-screen looks like with a Launch Pad that was configured to be over-sized with the hope of mitigating fat-finger flubs.

We have 2 traders, myself and a colleague, road-testing this model.

I will also be likely adding a 23" or 24" Dell touch-screen as a replacement of one of my monitors on my standing\treadmill desk in the next week or two.

I will write up my findings and post here.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss the pros/cons of a programmable physical keyboard vs. a portable touch-screen vs. a large-size touch-screen for your style of trading and desk\couch setup.
imagesceeto - order flow trading bots.jpg / V - Attached On 2018-04-04 22:32:23 UTC - Size: 340.4 KB - 581 views
[2018-04-04 22:59:13]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Using 'Color Bar Based on Alert Condition' to Create Bot Signals

Here is sample code that leverages Sierra Chart's 'Color Bar Based on Alert Condition' study to create a trading rule for a SceetoBot.

The snippet is:


The snippet resides in the Alert tab of the 'Color Bar Based on Alert Condition' study.

The name of the Study can be updated so that the button label on the SceetoBot panel reflected it's function (see pic).

This snippet will work on any time frame and any set of 3 moving average look-back periods.

Attached is a study collection (3 MAs Momentum Long Bot) that will deploy a bot that uses this snippet of alerting code to enter a long trade the first time that the close of a bar trades above the 3 different moving averages.

Save the study collection to your C:\SierraChart\Data folder.

To apply it to a chart, click Analysis > 3 MAs Momentum Long Bot.
attachment3 MAs Momentum Long Bot.StdyCollct - Attached On 2018-04-04 22:55:00 UTC - Size: 29.27 KB - 382 views
image3 MAs Momentum Long Bot - sceeto order flow.jpg / V - Attached On 2018-04-04 22:55:57 UTC - Size: 342.24 KB - 1057 views
[2018-04-09 20:27:09]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
GeChic Road Testing - Initial Findings

I like the GeChic very much...though I have only a few hours of trading with it.

Last week I used it at a sitting desk...this morning I am moved some stuff around so that I can use it with my treadmill desk - which is where I like to do most of my trading.

Last week, I found that it has made the afternoon trading (3-4 Eastern) much more pleasant.

The monitor ships with a short cord...which I did not realize. So, if you get one, you may want to consider ordering the longer cord.

I trade mostly on a 3 tick range bar chart....but plan on using the GeChic to help me to get down to either a 2 tick or a 1 tick....which would be very cool.

Our order flow algos, which feed the bots, hold up quite well on the 2 tick, and surprisingly can provide good information on the 1 tick,

The jury is still out as to whether the transparency of the Launch Pad is a good thing or not.

I also see the benefit of having more flexibility with regards to allowing the user to re-configure columns in an ad-hoc fashion for the Launch Pad.

This became apparent when I moved the Launch Pad to the right of the chart, and found that the execution buttons were way out in right field.

I do miss some aspects of the physical keyboard....the tactile-ness of it, and also all of the other keys that I built into it such as Buy Bid, Buy Ask, Disable All, Flatten & Cancel.

I have re-attached my physical keyboard so I am now using both the GeChic and the Cherry,

So, in a nutshell, the jury is still out.

Attached is a picture of my current configuration with the GE Chic on my treadmill desk, which is my 3rd iteration this morning, which I like very much - but can still use some improvement.

The GeChic is on the lower right and is attached to a laptop that is to the right of the desk and out of the shot.

I am connected to a co-lo server in CHI from the desk via RDC.

The laptop, which has the GeChic connected to it, is connected to the server via TeamViewer.

With this config, I think that we are in a zone where scalping is very solid.

For instance, this trade's duration was 524 milliseconds:

Entry DateTime   Exit DateTime  
GCM8  Long  2018-04-09 10:22:07.071  2018-04-09 10:22:07.595  1336.8  1337.1  1  1  1  24.80  74.40  40.00  0.00  40.00  0.00  100.00%  

Caveat - This was filled by the Transact Sim server in Chicago (see Trade Activity Log graphic).

Regardless, the order was not filled locally via SC's sim engine - which means the order had to leave the co-located Sierra Chart server and be processed by the Transact (all within 6/10 of a second), this includes:

+ Signal generation
+ Creation of order
+ Transmittal of order
+ Receipt of order
+ Filling of entry
+ Placing stop and target
+ Hitting target
+ Cancelling stop

I like this model because if I had to send the order from VT to Chicago, instead of the bot sending the order from Chicago to Chicago, the transmission time would be 10-20 ms, and thus, this type of trade would never fill.
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imageBots and Colo enable fast scalping.jpg / V - Attached On 2018-04-09 20:26:19 UTC - Size: 105.29 KB - 674 views
imageSceetoBots - with GeChic.jpg / V - Attached On 2018-04-09 20:26:52 UTC - Size: 2.05 MB - 692 views
[2018-04-19 19:44:47]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
We are readying the beta of BreachBots.

BreachBots allow a trader to place an entry order whose price is linked to any study that you use as a 'line in the sand'.

For instance, if you see a Double Bottom, and you think that if price breaches the Double Bottom, that the market will continue downward, you can tie a BreachBot to the Double Bottom and instruct the bot to enter once price breaches the Double Bottom by the number of ticks that you instruct it to.

You can enter using a market order, or a limit order offset.

Another great setup, is the breach of a Neckline within a Head & Shoulders pattern.

A breach of the neckline is where an Elliott 3 Wave really takes off.

Hence, this is frequently a great place to enter a trade where you can limit your risk - while seeking the trade to ride contiguous range bars in one direction.

BreachBots can be engaged by clicking on a button on your chart by using either your mouse, or your finger if you have a touch-screen monitor.

You can run multiple BreachBots on the same chart.

If one BreachBot enters a trade, any other BreachBots enabled on your chart will stand down.

We expect to release the beta on Monday, 30-APR.

If you are interested in participating in our beta, send me a Direct Message with your Sierra Chart username and we will set you up.
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[2018-04-22 21:53:04]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
BreachBot [Beta] Has Been Released

The beta consist of 2 different types of BreachBots.

The first type of BreachBot can be linked to any study subgraph in Sierra Chart and is engaged by clicking a button on your chart.

The second of BreachBot can be applied to any bar that a trader right-clicks on.

Hence, BreachBots can be tagged to any 'line in sand' that you deem that price should not cross.

Frequently, these lines in the sand are failed setups, such as failed Double Bottoms\Tops, or failed Right Shoulders, or failed volume spikes.

If you would like to participate in our BreachBot beta, please send me a Direct Message with your Sierra Chart username and we will set you up.
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[2018-06-08 22:11:30]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Hi All,

I finally got around to documenting a basic help file\article on the BreachBots - which can be found here:


If you would like to participate in our free beta shoot me a DM with your Sierra Chart Account Name and we will set you up.
[2018-07-06 16:47:59]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
06-JUL-2018 - New Functionality Released:

1. Extended functionality that allows a trader to instruct the bot whether to use the # of contracts from the Designer Panel or from the Trade Window as opposed to just the Designer Panel.

If the TW check-box in the Designer Panel is checked, the bot will use the # of contracts defined in the Trade Window. 

If TW check-box in the Designer Panel is checked, the SceetoBot will use the # of contracts defined in the Designer Panel, regardless of whether whether the Trade Window radio button is enabled or not.

This new approach allows for easier, on-the-fly quantity decisions by the trader.

2. The columns and the Window of the Launch Pad and Global Launch are much more 'shrinkable'.  This was implemented to free up screen space for those trading on a laptop, or with just one monitor.

3.  The "3 MAs Momentum Long Bot" Study Collection was published to show examples of linking bots to formula with a 'Color Bar Based on Alert Condition' study.  

4.  The "Sample Linking - MACD Crossover" Study Collection was published to show examples of linking a Sierra Chart study system to formula with a 'Color Bar Based on Alert Condition' study.  

In this example formula alerts in 'Color Bar Based on Alert Condition' studies create long and short signals for the Sierra Chart 'MACD Crossover System', which then sends its entry signals to a SceetoBot via a study link in the SceetoBot study.

The availability of easily configuring these types of studies and sending their information to SceetoBots are a very powerful feature of SceetoBots as the trader can then easily layer SceetoBot order flow algorithms onto these systems to increase entry efficacy.
[2018-08-14 23:35:59]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
14-AUG-2018 - New Functionality Released

BreachBots Beta - Trimmed Down GUI (We are down to 1 button to manage this bot).
BreachBots Beta - BreachBot now supports hotkey combinations.
BreachBots Beta - Low level execution fixes

New SceetoBots Alert - 2 Standard Deviation Tick Ratio
New SceetoBots Alert - Sweep 1,2,3

In the Development Queue

A 'Stand-down' button is being added to the Launch Pad....this button will allow the trader to tell all enabled bots to turn themselves off once any one bot sends an entry order.

This will keep folks, particularly me, from forgetting to turn off bots.
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[2018-09-03 16:40:52]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
20 Microsecond Order Submission Time via Sierra Chart - Why is This Important?

The realm of 20 microseconds is now in the hands of day-traders...

The release notes of Sierra Chart 1793 [Release Date: 2018-08-24] state that the time it takes for Sierra Chart to package up an order and send it out is 20 microseconds...that's microseconds.

"Continued trading related performance improvements. These performance improvements are a major step forward for Sierra Chart to support high-performance trading for both small and large scale trading (thousands of orders a second). Initial testing shows that order submission from the chart out to the network takes less than 20 microseconds."

Why is this important?

SceetoBots allow you to proactively deploy specific trading bots that work best in the current market environment.

[SCEETO - Self-Contained-Electronic-Exchange-Trading-Objects]

If the market is trending, you can deploy a SceetoBot that works best in a trend (but is not likely to work well in a stagnant market).

This approach gives you flexibility with automated trading.

Instead of a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to automated trading, SceetoBot traders can deploy bots that are geared to take advantage of specific market environments, price action patterns, and order flow patterns by proactively deploying bots that are staged in the right place and the right time to be triggered if all of the stars align (ie - if the bots particular trading rules are met).

If the SceeetoBot's trading rules are not met, the bot will either turn itself off, circle a bit longer, or be turned off by the trader - No Harm, No Foul.

This approach means no undue trading, guessing, or being a little late or a little too early with your mouse-click.

Once the action takes place on your chart, your SceetoBot that is running within Sierra Chart will notify Sierra Chart of what order you want placed and Sierra Chart will deploy that order in 20 microseconds.

As a further benefit if you co-locate you server in Chicago, the time to transmit that order to the exchange is also sub-millisecond.

Hence, scalping opportunities that may have eluded you in the past because you had to wait for the signal then click you mouse, are now within reach of your SceetoBot.

Free Trials are available here:


More information on execution methods here:

[2018-09-06 21:33:08]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Thoughts on how trading bots running within Sierra Chart, when deployed wisely, can leverage both your time and your capital:

imageSierra Chart - Order Flow - Order Flow w.Pivot SceetoBot.jpg / V - Attached On 2018-09-06 21:32:16 UTC - Size: 237.5 KB - 649 views
[2018-09-10 22:37:47]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Getting a head's up that there may be a trading opportunity., via an alert, is a primary component in using the SceetoBots workflow.

4 out of 5 dentists say that waiting for an alert to give you a head's up is better than staring at your screen all day.

I have found that once you have the head's up, making the determination whether to deploy a bot, or not, is pretty easy and quick.

Hence, the more head's ups the better.

The order flow events that I want to be cognizant of in real-time are as follows:

Sweep 1
Sweep 2
2 Standard Deviation Tick Ratio

Here are a bunch of .wav files that will alert you when Conclusionary Order Flow tees up a potential opportunity to launch one, or more, SceetoBots:

[2018-09-10 22:41:54]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15

Yet still trading?

Want to know your SceetoBots are doing?

Use these audio alerts:

[2018-09-26 02:54:15]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Kasparov, IBM's Deep Blue & Their Intersection with Day Trading.

I hope that you find this kind of stuff as interesting as I do.

[2018-09-30 01:57:36]
User20450 - Posts: 330 | Ending Date: 2015-08-14 [Expired]
[2018-09-30 02:19:05]
User20450 - Posts: 330 | Ending Date: 2015-08-14 [Expired]
got a group of people trying this out and we all experience same thing and not even running it yet massive mem hog and i have 32gb with 8700 i7
Attachment Deleted.
image2018-09-29 22_08_47-Task Manager.png / V - Attached On 2018-09-30 02:09:34 UTC - Size: 14.9 KB - 348 views
[2018-09-30 13:57:21]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Thanks for putting this out there as it has finally forced me to write some background on why there is a memory hit, and some Best Practices/Lesson's Learned on how to configure the platform to be more efficient with memory.

There is a large memory allocation with SceetoBots.

The 'Not Responding' that you are experiencing will disappear once the initial launch/load of the studies settles.

Some thoughts on why SceetoBots use so much memory:

SceetBots is has an R&D component, a order flow processing component,a SceetoBot configuration tool, and self-contained trading orbs.

When you load a full chart of all of this stuff, there are not only a lot of core components that are readied for memory, all of the data that any trading orb might need is also loaded into memory a separate time in a separate memory space so that the trading orbs execution responsibilities are never hindered by another data request or CPU request when it's time to get into a trade.

This benefit of the decision to replicate data so that it could be used exclusively by the trading orbs, and not accessible by your 'visual'charts, pays off when your Sceeto's
trading rules allows it to get into a trade.

Our platform is tuned to get your orders into the book at GLOBEX (or other exchanges) as soon as possible. Additional memory allocation for this is a good use of memory.

Hence, we decided to not be too frugal with RAM, as speed on the limit entry order can provide more upside than managing high RAM downside.

So, your experience of this memory hit is because with the templates that we provide, all of these tools are loaded simultaneously - and this does come with a memory hit.

However, there are a few configuration tips that you can use to make your experience lighter.

Some thoughts on how configure, and use, SceetoBots as efficiently as possible.

1. Aggregating the responsibilities of visualizing data on charts in one chartbook while keeping all of the Sceeto's trading responsibilities into another chartbook.

2. The chartbook where you are running your Sceeto's for trading should only contain 1 or 2 days worth of data. There is no need to load 50 days of a bunch of deeply processed order flow data into a Sceeto's memory, when the Sceeto's trading responsibilities are focused on real-time data.

3. If you are not doing R&D, do not load large amounts of days on your charts.

4. If you are doing R&D and have 50 - 100 days on your charts, you will have to wait for the memory settle. However, there is a tremendous upside to waiting the few minutes to load your chart. Sceeto ships with a reporting tool that takes advantage of this large memory allocation...and makes doing back-testing research unbelievably fast.

Here's a video on it's functionality.


What is great about this research tool, is that it allows you click, click, click, to reconfigure a Sceeto, and then click the 'Dash' button and within a second or two, your back-tested results will be presented to you....which is a much nicer experience of having to run a 5 minute back-test every time you want to test one configuration change (This is where a lot of the memory hit goes - but its a good use of memory).

Apologies for this initial on-board confusion that you experienced. We are working hard on making the 'getting up to speed' experience better, which includes the following functionality:

1. Change Sceeto study menu option that is exposed when right-clicking on a chart per graphic

2. Change study name from SceetoBots to Sceeto

3. Change the directory location for the sceetobots_config.xml file from the SceetoBots folder to the SC\data folder \\ (This will allow for a much easier experience to
share/swap/save trading orb configurations).

4. Update default settings in Sceeto study for less initial configuration by the user.

5. Add input to Sceeto study that automatically launches the Global Launch Pad - where the default is to launch the Global Launch Pad. \\ Super-Important

6. Add input to Sceeto study that allows the user to automatically launch the local chart Launch Pad - where the default is to not launch the local chart Launch Pad.

We have just completed development of a new build of SceetoBots that is scoped to make the initial launch experience better.

This build is being tested and will be rolled out by Wednesday.

On another note, I think this new method for trading is going to be an astounding site to see....the Sceeto's have entirely upgraded my trading experience, and my lifestyle.

Beyond the software, we have developed a workflow for using the Sceetos that took a while to evolved.

We have been hosting workshops on this new man & machine trading workflow...and have some documentation on it being groomed.

One final thought that I think is important to communicate, when you are loading SceetoBots, you are loading your own entire quant trading firm onto your computer...so though, it is a lot of stuff...it's great stuff to have at your fingertips. :-)

If you ever get stuck, please reach out to us either via this Sierra Chart forum or via our help desk which you can access here:


We appreciate the effort that early adopters have put into this experience and greatly value your comments.
[2018-10-04 13:43:14]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
Users have requested a quick way to get up and running with Sceeto.

We have developed new quick-launch functionality that automatically surfaces a Global Sceeto Launch Pad pre-loaded with 24 Sceetos trading 4 markets (CL, CG, NQ, 6B).

These Sceetos can be readily deployed on any futures market.

How to video available on YouTube and attached to this thread.


If you would like an assist with configuring your Sceetos reach out to us at support@sceeto.com
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attachmentHow to Launch Sceeto Quick Start for Sierra Chart.mp4 - Attached On 2018-10-04 13:42:41 UTC - Size: 2.66 MB - 267 views
[2018-10-06 18:44:23]
TapeReader - Posts: 88 | Ending Date: 2021-08-15
The 2 attached chartbooks are configured so that they launch quickly while providing a baseline for traders to get their heads around trading with Orbs.

These 2 chartbooks cover 4 markets (CL, ES, GC and 6E) and have with 2 Sceetos per market (1 Long and 1 Short) for a total of 8 Sceetos.

A Sceeto is a Self Contained Electronic-Exchange Trading Orb.

These Sceetos use Sierra Chart's 'Attached Orders'.

Also attached is an Attached Order configuration file where the stop = 8 and the target = 24.

This Attached Order does not include either a Breakeven Stop or a Trailing Stop.

You may want to tinker with the stops.

I am able to launch both of these chartbooks in under a minute on a machine that has just 8 GB of RAM.

The chartbooks should be saved to:


Caveat - The chart symbols herein are using the Sierra Chart data feed.

If you are using another data feed such as DTN or a data feed supplied by your broker the symbols will need to be updated accordingly.

Hope this helps,
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attachmentSceeto Quick Start - Order Flow Only - No Orbs.Cht - Attached On 2018-10-06 19:11:54 UTC - Size: 384.92 KB - 261 views
attachmentSceeto Quick Start - Order Flow w.Pivot Orbs.Cht - Attached On 2018-10-06 19:12:01 UTC - Size: 129.35 KB - 261 views
attachment8x24.twconfig - Attached On 2018-10-06 19:12:13 UTC - Size: 6.52 KB - 235 views
[2018-10-21 15:57:12]
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A bevy of audio alerts have been created for SceetoBots.

They are currently available for download here:


We are working with Sierra Chart so that they can be automatically installed, and configured for new SceetoBot users who use a fresh installation of Sierra Chart.

We will also be publishing a global config file to assist with configuring these alerts.

The alerts are a key part of our trading workflow.
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imageSC_Order Flow Alerts.jpg / V - Attached On 2018-10-21 15:58:40 UTC - Size: 189.88 KB - 428 views
[2019-04-19 23:21:30]
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"A head's up in time, save nine." - If Ben Franklin were a trader.

Updated Order Flow alerts and documentation have been made available for download here:

imageSierra Chart Order Flow Alerts ES.jpg / V - Attached On 2019-04-19 23:20:06 UTC - Size: 640.17 KB - 371 views
Attachment Deleted.
[2019-05-15 21:12:55]
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We have started a YouTube playlist dubbed, "Reading Order Flow & Bot Deployment In Action".

Our initial few videos are up that show conclusionary order flow and bot deployment in ES using 2 and 5 tick range bar charts....more vids will be added on a regular basis.

Please take a moment to peruse these insights:


If you have any questions about how order flow can affect prices changes, or how to deploy bots to capture specific order flow events, please feel free to reach out to me via our help desk here:

[2019-05-24 14:09:37]
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Stand Down Button - Explanatory Video https://www.youtube.com/embed/-u8wYjASu6s

P** [9:50 AM]
Can I have a long and short bot on at the same time?

Carl [9:50 AM]
Yes. You could also instruct the two bots that if one fires the other one should turn off.

P*** [9:50 AM]
Good. That was case this morning.

C [9:50 AM]
Also they could both trade and then reverse the position
I have found that I also use a long and short bot simultaneously.

Whoever gets the break wins

Carl [9:50 AM] Also, you can deploy them in a mode that if on fires. the other one is cleared to reverse the position.I have found that I also use a long and short bot simultaneously.


SceetoBots allows for may different deployment configurations so that you can have the flexibility to deploy multiple bots simultaneously even if you do not want all the bots to trade.

For instance, your analysis indicates that the market is about to go down...but when and how it is going to go down is not a certainty.

In this case you can deploy a handful of different short bots, and whichever short bot's order flow and/or price action rules are met first, will engage in a trade - while simultaneously informing all of the other deployed bots to 'Stand Down'.

I frequently use different bots because I can deploy one bot with a sequence of order flow events that frequently occur just prior to the market going down but do not always occur - while I simultaneously deploy another bot that is looking for a different sequence of order flow events that occur just prior to the market going down.

This way I have multiple bots out there hunting down different things, but they won't step on each other, nor over-step on my account.

I hope that you find this stuff as interesting as I do.
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