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Date/Time: Sun, 29 May 2022 01:36:23 +0000

Smoothness/Cleanness of Lines Drawn On Charts

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[2013-09-23 19:33:50]
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Do you have any plans to adjust how lines are rendered on charts so that they will appear smoother/cleaner/straighter? I draw lots of lines so this becomes an issue for me.

They may now be somewhat cleaner than they use to be - or maybe I have just gotten use to them. But for sure, lines drawn on Sierra Chart charts are not nearly as smooth/clean as lines drawn on eSignal charts. Would really appreciate our lines being cleaner.

Thanks much.
[2013-09-23 21:00:59]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 102918
This is not a subject that we are too familiar with. The appearance of lines is something that is always controlled at the operating system level. The particular method that Sierra Chart uses to draw lines, the Windows GDI, does not use any special technique to change their appearance.

To make them look more smooth, apparently there are methods used to create an optical illusion. This might make them look better, however logically it would have a performance impact. So there is going to be a trade-off. We prefer the most simple and most direct method of drawing which leaves lines in their native format.
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