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Date/Time: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 17:35:26 +0000

Gold Data

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[2013-09-20 00:01:02]
User94836 - Posts: 2
The continuous data for GC does not look correct for September 18, 2013. The high is indicated at 1366.9 with the close at 1307.7.

I believe GC didn't trade below 1313 after 200 PM on the 18th and hadn't traded above it until a few days prior.

From a candle perspective, I would expect to see a large green candle on the 18th.

Depending on what one calls the end of the trading day, there may be another large candle on the 19th.

[2013-09-20 05:38:26]
JohnL - Posts: 27
That is correct. You can always check the CME settlements page for gold. The big jump in gold occurred after the close of pit trading and before the open for the 19th.

Month  Open  High  Low  Last  Change  Settle  
OCT 13  1307.8  1366.9  1281.8   -  -1.7  1307.7
DEC 13  1309.5  1367.8  1291.5   -  -1.8  1307.6  
[2013-09-20 20:05:20]
User94836 - Posts: 2
My point is that the data is reflected in the Sierra chart as a candle with a long wick, between 1307.7 and 1366.9, and a small body with a open at 1307.8 and close at 1307.7 on the 18th.

From a candle perspective, including the post pit trading makes it seem as though the market rallied, to 1366.9, and then sold off to 1307.7.

The 19th looks as though GC gapped up, to open at 1364.6.

Is there something I can change in the chart settings to reflect what actually occurred on the 18th - a large green candle? Or on the 19th?

[2013-09-20 21:38:44]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104367
We have pointed this issue out to the data provider. GC# will be showing October data at this time.

We recommend using Method 1 to create a Continuous Futures Contract:

This way you will get accurate charts.
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