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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 05:41:01 +0000

loglevels, hotkeys & xmas..

Support Request:
[2017-12-25 07:18:35]
mountainwolf - Posts: 36
can you introduce
loglevel retracements?

So i won't have to draw
this whole laser show
time & again.


all drawing tools
need like another dimension
coz both linear & log scales
worthwhile for logcharts.

Moreover, can you tell me
how colors and line styles can
be binded to Ctrl Alt Shift Super
1..9 hotkeys for quiick access?

thanX & Velvet Holidays..
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2017-12-25 14:18:06
[2017-12-25 14:16:40]
mountainwolf - Posts: 36
There's these
log charts but only
linear retracement tools
for 'em..

Ain't this crazy?

as if no one ever
never uses 'em..
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2017-12-26 00:06:56

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