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[User Discussion] - Pip value

Support Request:
[2017-12-16 19:03:59]
EuropeanTrader - Posts: 235

I would like to calculate desired fx trading lot size for my trades.

For that I would need to include in my spreadsheet study a value of the selected currency pair tick value.

How can I do that, please?

Thank you!
[2017-12-19 09:58:46]
EuropeanTrader - Posts: 235
Can I expect an answer to this?

Thank you
[2017-12-19 13:44:49]
tomgilb - Posts: 1974
Currency value per tick is in cell J56.
[2017-12-19 14:22:51]
EuropeanTrader - Posts: 235
Hi Tom,

I noticed it but it is not correct as I see it. Maybe I am missing something but 1 pip value per 100 k lot is far different for EURGBP than for USDJPY for example and J56 does not show it.

So I thought maybe there is a place for customizing it in data feed settings or something.
[2017-12-19 14:23:16]
EuropeanTrader - Posts: 235
I am using SC Data All services.
[2017-12-19 15:28:53]
tomgilb - Posts: 1974
You can change the default currency value per tick here:
Global Settings >> Symbol Settings

Here's the documentation:

For the spreadsheet to show an updated setting, you'll need to choose a different symbol, then choose the original symbol.
[2017-12-19 17:14:49]
EuropeanTrader - Posts: 235
O uau. Thank you Tom ! I appreciate it a lot

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