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Date/Time: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 12:04:28 +0000

Can't figure out how to Pay for Data Feed "2 Week Trial for 5 USD...."

Support Request:
[2017-12-16 13:59:24]
WilliamA - Posts: 26
I can't figure out how sign up and pay the $5 USD for the trial period for data.

I installed the Sierrachart (SC) for the 2 week free trial. (I have used SC before both through Transact futures and with my own individual account.)

Also I just set up and account with Interactive Brokers (IB). The account won't be funded until next week so with them I don't think I can do simulated real time trading yet. I plan to continue to subscribe to SC and SC Data Feed, both historic and real time as soon as I fund the IB account next week. I'll trade only equities, ES and YM index futures at this time. I'll pay for related exchange fees as required and instructed. (Although I'll be paying for exchange fees through IB also, I assume I'll have to pay separately for exchange fees to access data from SC which is fine as required.)

I've read the SC documentation under Data Feed Pricing where is says, "Up to 2 Week Trial for 5 USD" and it says also, "When activating this data feed, you will see the option for this trial." Yet when I click on all the links I see no such option.

Could the problem be that I must have IB's TWS open before I see data options relative to my IB account. Maybe I can access the $5 data offer only through the SC platform when it's runnning? All I've accomplished so far is to have IB-TWS up and running and sierra chart up and running at different times. SC is a blank screen/no charts/no data yet.

I've read the documentation on how to configure SC for TWS but I haven't done that yet. Is that part of the required sequence before I can access SC data? All I've done to try to access the $5 free data offer is to go to the SC website to try to pay. I did that without having the SC platform or the TWS platform running. Is that part of my problem please? The clock is ticking on my trial period but I can't seem to get charts up and running with data feed without your help. Thanks in advance since I won't reply with a thank you email to save you time.
[2017-12-16 14:05:46]
WilliamA - Posts: 26
Following up my help request above: From the SC website I tried to subscribe to basic data and it asked me to pay $24. Earlier SC documentation said I would be offered the $5 USD free data trial but I saw no such offer. Next, when I booted the SC platform, it gives me an onscreen message which says,

"-Notice: Your Services Balance of 0.00 USD is too low to renew the Services activated on your account when they expire. You need a balance of at least 24 USD. You can activate and deactivate the Service Package on your account. (Current Usage Time Ending Date: 2017-12-30).

You will need to make a payment of 24 USD. "
[2017-12-16 21:21:27]
BeardPower - Posts: 20

Did you read through these instructions?


[2017-12-16 21:28:22]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68003
The 5 USD two week data feed trial is for the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed. In this case you just need to follow through the instructions here:


I've read the documentation on how to configure SC for TWS but I haven't done that yet. Is that part of the required sequence before I can access SC data?
Yes if you want to use the lower-cost CME exchange fees.
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