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Date/Time: Sun, 29 May 2022 02:24:36 +0000

Add new Functions & datafeed

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[2013-09-17 16:07:28]
crazybears - Posts: 314

Sierra Chart Engineering i know you are very busy , so please excuse me for these requests ,when you have time maybe and if is possible ,you could add it to the function list,they would be very useful .

1) Number Bars calculated Values

2) something to recognize in the sc.VolumeAtPriceForBars if at that price there is a Peak or Valley ,maybe something like true or false

3)could you consider to add in the data feed that you are developed the NYMEX ,maybe only CL :)
i think would be very attractive for many traders ;) which could choose SC as a complete platform
[2013-09-17 23:37:45]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 102918
1. This is not easily accomplished.

2. This is not practical to be added for efficiency reasons and does not seem like it would make sense for a single chart bar.

3. All symbols on the CME will be included in the upcoming CME data feed including NYMEX markets.
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[2013-09-18 13:09:47]
crazybears - Posts: 314

1) ok

2) ok , i meant for searching Peaks and valleys on VaP ,set for example on 90 days .
but if i understand how they are drawn i could try to make it.

http://www.sierrachart.com/supportboard/showthread.php?t=28837&page=2&highlight=peaks+valleys at post #50

For a value of 3, just look 3 levels up and down, and if the level is the extreme of those 7 levels, then it would be a peak/valley.
it mean the peak must be the greatest value among the seven values , another comparison among lesser values it has not been done . value 2 could be minor than value 3 , does it?

could be added in the Volume Graph Period Type selection : From Start date-Time To previous Time , so automatically VbP is calculated from the start date-Time to the previous computer date-time

) Great :)

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