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Date/Time: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 22:13:28 +0000

Price Cross from above a level from the past

Support Request:
[2017-12-13 19:55:11]
User252419 - Posts: 234
Using spreadsheet system I'm trying to give an entry when price crosses a level from the past (400 bars behind the actual price). I am using CROSSFROMABOVE/BELOW and CROSSOVER, but the signal does not appear when it actually crosses the level from the past. It only appears when crossing a level that's actually creating.
The Ranges that I compare in the functions must have the same amount of cells CROSSOVER(B3:B400,AA3:AA400)? As I just want to compare the actual price, but compare actual price with a level that is 400 bars behind,could the amount of cells be different like this CROSSOVER(B3:B4,AA3:AA400)?

I just want that when the price hits a past support/resistance level it buys or sells.
Thank you,
[2017-12-13 20:46:02]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68179
For what you want to do you cannot use the CROSSOVER function. The way you are doing this is not valid.

You just have to write a formula to do the crossover comparison.
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