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Date/Time: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 02:04:58 +0000

Automatic position opening, without my orders or anything.

Support Request:
[2017-12-08 17:38:02]
User951733 - Posts: 4
I am using Bitmex and Sierra, I have been using 2 accounts in two different computers, since 3-4 days, now my positions are being opened automatically even without me giving any orders, the trade log activity shows things like bitmex caused the order to open, I am confused and angry about my losses due to this, please help me here.

I found out that some other API was doing things in absence of me, with google extension, This post might be helpful for people havong sometimes same problem like me, so i would suggest to check previous API's that may cause the problem.
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[2017-12-08 17:51:06]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 61831
In the Trade Activity Log, we will need to know the Service Order ID of one of the orders that established the Position. Instructions:

But first it probably would be best to contact BitMEX about this.
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