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Exporting chart data real time

Support Request:
[2017-12-08 05:03:48]
User563013 - Posts: 11
I would like to export data real time. I attempted to write a custom .dll and using a txt file or memory mapped file, however it appears that values to store pointers to the file handles for anything get delteted between function calls. I tried storing these in a persistent variable but had no success there either. Is there any way to call external .dlls or write data from a custom dll OR export data real time from greenchart? I'm looking for a way to analyze data in a scripting language like python real time.
[2017-12-08 18:34:32]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68043
In regards to storing data persistently, refer to:

. I tried storing these in a persistent variable but had no success there either.
You should have absolutely no trouble using the functions for getting and setting persistent data. You must not be doing this properly.

You can write data from the custom study using the standard C++ functions for that.

What we recommend is to use the Write Bar Data to File study:
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[2017-12-10 08:13:26]
ganz - Posts: 901

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