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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 11:17:27 +0000

Spreadsheet System for Trading

Support Request:
[2017-12-05 05:01:33]
toews&kane - Posts: 176
On Entries I can manually set cell J26 to 4 (Order Quantity) if I want to enter with multiple contracts.

However, how do I set 2 different targets on two different levels specified on a different cell in a spreadsheet that's constantly changing ex.AL3, AM3 if I want to exit in pairs?
[2017-12-05 20:48:21]
toews&kane - Posts: 176
I've laid out some problems that I thought of this little project that I want to do that revolves around the autoretracement study and using that as the core of the project.

1. Stops corresponding to entry levels, say I want to put a stop always at one level up. Do I write a flag to a dummy cell on entry, and then use vlookup to grab that row's corresponding levels for stops and targets? Otherwise the levels will change, and if I set retracement calculations on auto, it will flip up and down depending on price movement.

I am struggling to put that in place, I need to mark a row and refer back to it for where I entered and be able to lookup the values in that row.

[2017-12-06 04:37:35]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65070
In response to post #1, this section here explains a method:

It may not necessarily be the most perfect detailed method but at least gives you guidance.

Not sure if you are looking for help from us but the rest of this Support Request is outside the scope of our support.

We are now marking this as Programming Help.
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