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Date/Time: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 09:16:16 +0000

Please renable my sierra charts demo usage

Support Request:
[2017-11-27 15:15:29]
User652234 - Posts: 1
i am trialing sierra charts demo version and havent finished ib trialing the platform. may i please have am extension to use the platform longer. please and thank you.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2017-11-27 19:26:12
[2017-11-27 18:12:03]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 3507
Your account has been activated and the usage time extended if necessary.

If Sierra Chart is running, it will automatically be activated within about three minutes. However, you may need to exit from the Sierra Chart charting and trading software by selecting "File >> Exit". And then open Sierra Chart through the icon on your desktop or through the desktop Start menu.

After your Sierra Chart usage time ends, you need to pay for additional usage time through "Help >> Add Usage Credit".
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