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Date/Time: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 08:47:10 +0000

[User Discussion] - Minor bug in delete data confirmation with multiple contracts

Support Request:
[2017-11-24 22:58:53]
i960 - Posts: 359
If you only delete 1 contract from the multiple symbols selection window it asks you for confirmation to delete said contract. If you delete more than 1 there is no confirmation. It seems like the right behavior here is either always confirm or never confirm if using the multiple contract selection mode.
[2017-11-25 00:02:23]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68043
We do not know what you are referring to. What is the procedure to get to this window you are describing.
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[2017-11-25 01:01:20]
i960 - Posts: 359
The "delete all data and download" function. Click "no" on the first question which takes you to multiple contract mode. If you select one contract here you get prompted to confirm on delete. If you select multiple contracts you don't get prompted.

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