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Date/Time: Sun, 15 Dec 2019 05:00:18 +0000

Darwinex FIX connection

[2017-11-17 16:07:20]
Napoleon Dynamite2 - Posts: 16
Since a couple months, Darwinex is growing as the most disruptive forex + CFD shop operating a cross mix of operations blending the best of asset management and brokerage operations.
Basically, through an ultra neat (obviously, hard to describe) interface and sophisticated quant studies as a helper, they help traders’ strategies get repackaged with some money management applied then get funded with external investors’ capital and an ongoing 4 million € ongoing monthly competition.
Before that fully licensed social trading layer, they operate with the most fair trading conditions in mind through LMAX centrally cleard CFDs and Saxo PB for forex (no market makers, no conflict of interests against investors’ liquidity). Futures trading is supposidly in the plan.
All in all, they are one of a kind fintech which does not look as ambitious as any other project around.

Regarding traders, not investors, their main downside has been the restricted platform choice until now which has been used as a starter point since the launch : MT4

Work around, http://blog.darwinex.com/fix-api-trading/
They do provide a FIX API through PrimeXM. That API is granted for clients as a one-time $500 fee (no monthly cost forward) and 5000 base currency initial deposit. This makes it affordable.
For CFD connectivity, LMAX is mandatory. Regarding forex, either Saxo Prime or LMAX can be chosen.

I was about to contact a third party developper for my own needs. That said, wondering if Sierra Chart would be willing to consider an official connection developpment ?
Ideally, a colocated server mutually shared like what was done with LMAX and FXCM would be ideal for broader adoption. Even if not, and only a simple connection would be worked on, here would be willing to share development costs if they were affordable.

Such an integration would be premiering a strategical win-win positioning. For instance, clients have very little incentive to use LMAX alone instead of Darwinex which offers just “much more” to the user experience ...except SC which is lacking now.
A snapshot of some of the tech inside https://www.darwinex.com/darwin/THA.4.12/

Despite your busy bee status, plz share your stance. Thx
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[2017-11-17 16:47:09]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 79192
We can certainly work on this, although not sure how soon it could be, as long as you could be able to do something to help to make others aware of it in order to gain a following to make it worthwhile.
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[2017-11-27 15:38:05]
tradernikki - Posts: 41
I support this project as a whole and would provide help in any way I can.
[2017-11-28 20:24:10]
User754985 - Posts: 108
Wholeheartedly +500!
[2017-12-14 14:53:28]
milenmitzik - Posts: 9
Im in too. If the commissions are more like institutional - 12-15/mio
[2017-12-14 15:01:27]
Napoleon Dynamite2 - Posts: 16
Darwinex offers automatic rebates on volume. And many other financial incentives. Here is the very latest one amongst many http://blog.darwinex.com/introducing-darwinian-dividend/

Please factor in : diversification rebates on portofolio investments, 20% High Water Mark performance fees as trade leaders, 4M€ prizepool from ongoing competition, etc

Needless to say that it can be potentially much more rewarding to just win 20% on your results applicated to a bunch of investors’ AuM than to save a couple of bucks from commissions on your own limited capital.
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[2018-05-22 15:05:04]
User832792 - Posts: 17
I'm also in favour of this! Would be great if two of these trader favourite platform connected.
[2019-04-04 05:38:53]
User601008 - Posts: 1
I am looking forward to this feature.
[2019-09-12 15:42:30]
rocdjc - Posts: 2
This would be greatly appreciated.
Darwinex now has FIX so this should be possible.
[2019-09-12 22:29:05]
User541156 - Posts: 55
I doubt they will charge any fee if sierra is spending its own time integrating their platform to their brokerage. It is a win win for them and doesn't cost them anything.

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