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Date/Time: Sun, 04 Dec 2022 22:13:26 +0000

[User Discussion] - PLEASE HELP: Convert ThinkorSwim Study to Sierra Chart Study

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[2017-10-27 12:34:39]
rahul - Posts: 157

I have a custom study in ThinkorSwim that I need converted to Sierra Chart. Can someone please help me? I can pay you for your time (if reasonable).

Thank you.

[2017-10-27 15:05:13]
michelh - Posts: 158
Rahul, go to upwork.com and find a freelancer. There is a Russian guy called Alexander that specialises in Sierra Chart.
[2017-10-27 16:22:09]
rahul - Posts: 157
Thank you. I just posted my job requirements on UpWork and pinged Alexander.
[2022-10-04 18:33:41]
dberliner - Posts: 12
Hey, I know this is an extremely old post, but wondering if you guys are still around and know how to contact this Alexander. I have a similar requirement.
[2022-10-04 20:25:42]
SC Support Tom - Posts: 449
I don't know Alexander, but I know how to convert Thinkorswim studies to Sierra Chart. I would be doing this as a 3rd party contractor. You can email me at Tom@sierrachart.com.

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