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[2022-07-20 15:06:38]
User921987 - Posts: 218
I don't remember exactly the procedure but try: sudo ./create_libx11.sh
If it still doesn't work maybe someone who have Debian based distro (Mint is) could compile the required library for you ?!
[2022-07-21 10:39:22]
User845653 - Posts: 9
For anyone wondering, I tried installing Sierra on Linux Mint 21 Beta. For now it seems to work flawlessly.

The libx11 library version is 2:1.7.5-1 from the start without adding anything, which was probably my problem with mint 20.3.
[2022-07-21 13:33:23]
User834699 - Posts: 4
are you running it through wine?
[2022-07-21 13:39:41]
User845653 - Posts: 9
Yes, wine version 7.13
[2022-07-21 20:47:37]
ertrader - Posts: 580
That is very good news on Mint 21 beta...Thank you!
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[2022-07-22 06:35:32]
User921987 - Posts: 218
In my case SC has been running very well in Debian Bullseye (version 11). It's using libx11 client library version >= 1.7.0. The reason I still won't use SC on Linux is it's low download speed for symbol data (something about 30% compared to Windows). I use SC for backtesting and system development purposes only and that's why I sometimes need to download data a lot.

I think the reason is quite excessive system calls during download which I see is always a bit problem for the Wine kind of platform.

I have done some delay tests for real time on-line order handling and the delays have been at the same level compared to Windows (or even better). CQG w/ Denali. So nothing to complain in there.
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[2022-07-22 20:22:18]
ertrader - Posts: 580
Yes, makes sense on backtesting and I too have seen the slower historical download issue on wine. My live trading system needs at most a week's worth of intra-day data and real-time data so there is no impact, everything loads super fast. Order fills on Rithmic and Teton are instant and I have had no out of the ordinary issues either. Rithmic of course has had some issues but not related to Wine. I have had zero issues with Denali data and Teton order routing...solid.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-07-22 20:39:32
[2022-07-22 20:27:31]
ertrader - Posts: 580
The order allocation issue I mentioned earlier in the thread is still happening in 2417 (immediately exits SC with no warning when clicking to add an allocation account). The temporary fix is to make sure any account in the destination allocation account dropdown box is removed first or already empty, then click the add button.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-07-22 20:34:00
imageScreenshot from 2022-07-10 20-12-54.png / V - Attached On 2022-07-22 20:33:08 UTC - Size: 22.96 KB - 144 views
[2022-08-18 05:48:35]
User921987 - Posts: 218
@ertrader I got a lot better download speed by the Bottles (Gaming environment setup). It's a tuned version of Wine for latencies etc.


[2022-08-18 07:28:51]
User61576 - Posts: 401
@ertrader I got a lot better download speed by the Bottles (Gaming environment setup). It's a tuned version of Wine for latencies etc.

by how much it improves your tick to trade speed?
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[2022-08-18 09:12:18]
User921987 - Posts: 218
I don't know that number. Install the system and check it by yourself. It should be totally independent from other wine installations.

I am running it on the Bottle's "Gaming Environment" without any other tweaks in it.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-08-18 09:13:51
[2022-08-18 17:48:22]
ertrader - Posts: 580
@User921987 Thank you for the info..I was not aware of this and will take a look.
[2022-08-19 14:16:48]
ivory - Posts: 47
linux was faster on average as far as chart updates

Did you by any chance change the default redraw cap? AFAIR Sierra Chart by default redraws no faster than every 500ms. This can be changed in General Settings. I think the only way to sensibly compare SC performance under different OSes is by changing that setting to something very low, say 1-10 ms, and then monitor for resource usage and how smooth it feels to the user.
[2022-09-03 16:02:43]
ertrader - Posts: 580
Latest updates: Linux updated to 5.15.0-47, Wine 7.16 and updated to Linux 21 with no issues. Everything has been solid and well tested on Windows and Wine/Linux up to SC version 2425.

SC release notes have gone undocumented since 2418 in July making it much more difficult and risky to identify where and when to test new features, test custom study compilations, provide functionality feedback or test bug fixes on any platform. Without this guidance, I simply do not know what to look for or test, reducing software quality feedback between the trading community and SC engineering.

To mitigate this risk, I'm going to stay at SC Version 2425 for now as it works great for what I have tested and use in production on both Windows and Linux/Wine. I do know issues have been identified and fixed on later versions. If others can provide version testing feedback of respective issues, this would be helpful to move forward.

Current configuration:
SierraChart Version 2425 64 bit (2 instances)
wine-7.16 Development and list of updates, new features and bug fixes approximately every two weeks
Mint Linux 21/Cinnamon desktop
Kernel 5.15.0-47 generic
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
GeForce GTX 1660 Nvidia/6 GB GDDR5/Driver 470.141.03/OpenGL
Dual Monitors 1920X1080 60 Hz for both monitors
Total System RAM: 16 Gig
Memory usage: <950 Meg running 1 and sometimes 2 instances.
CPU Utilization: <5% per SC instance
48 Charts, 5 instruments (ES, YM, NQ, RTY, CL)
Denali data-feed with MBO data
Teton Order Routing with Stage5/Advantage
Rithmic for trader evaluations
RealVNC for remote access
Updated 9/3/22
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-09-03 17:16:12
[2022-09-03 17:19:21]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 8676

SC release notes have gone undocumented since 2418 in July making it much more difficult and risky to identify where and when to test new features, test custom study compilations, provide functionality feedback or test bug fixes on any platform. Without this guidance, I simply do not know what to look for or test, reducing software quality feedback between the trading community and SC engineering.
These notes, have not provided anything useful in this regard for years. That is why we really do not like to put much information there unless something is notable or a major feature because it is just simply way too much work. What you see there, for years now, is only like about 10-15% of development.

So essentially what we are trying to say, is you are not disadvantaged at all, by less Information on the What is New page because very little relevant information has been there to begin with.

And the only performance change we can think of it has to do with the interface to the Windows graphics device interface. The latest version, 2432 has a significant change related to fonts and in the coming weeks, there will be performance changes related to brushes and pens and other GDI objects. Whether this brings any benefit or not we do not know, but it is internally more organized and reduces the number of outstanding objects at any given time.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

Your definitive source for support. Other responses are from users. Try to keep your questions brief and to the point. Be aware of support policy:

For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, use the Teton service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-09-03 17:22:34
[2022-09-03 17:52:56]
ertrader - Posts: 580
Yes, it does provide benefit for significant changes and has helped the user community. I did like the list of topics recently published and guidance you just provided. When these significant topics are released, it is quite helpful. I'm not looking as much for timelines of when to be completed or level of internal SC development, just when significant releases happen because this means programming development and the release is expected to be stable.

With fonts being done in 2432, that helps pinpoint where to look and is a good example of a significant change I would spend time reviewing in Linux/Wine and Windows. When a significant update occurs, significant issues are resolved or new feature released, that is all I'm usually looking for. It is THE signal to users SC Engineering team has gone through their internal testing enough to announce.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-09-04 19:39:58
[2022-09-09 16:25:01]
Tony - Posts: 392

I am using Linux Mint Debian Edition 5 and Wine 7.0

I think SC Engineering mentioned, some new updates include improving of font display, I have some minor issues after I installed 2432,

Some of the font are very small, i.e. the fonts in 'Build Advanced Custom Studies' and the fonts when I am in Edit Mode in Chart Settings window. I change all the font sizes in Graphics Settings - Global, has no effect.

I am still able to run everything, just hope I won't have any issues that are more serious in the future.



in Graphics Settings - Global window, Fonts tab:

Every time I change font size, I get the correct preview on the right side of 'Select' button, but after I close Sierra and re-open, those previews would show very small font sizes. The only font that shows correct preview font size is "Quote Board (Global)"
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-09-09 17:55:44
[2022-09-14 20:36:08]
ertrader - Posts: 580
Thank you... I have not seen any font issues with Wine 7.17 and SC 2438 in the Build Customer studies area or any other area. I'm using an NVidia graphics card with OpenGL. However, I do still see the order allocation button exit issue.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-09-14 20:40:30
[2022-09-15 12:44:41]
gary.es.nq - Posts: 26
I'm using manjaro KDE...basically updated yesterday that included an update to wine 7.16.2. The update made SC very buggy and would crash every time I tried to open a TPO chart. I used timeshift to undo the updates. Then redid the updates but ignored the wine update. Everything worked normally after that. I'm using SC ver 2438.

Just sharing....
[2022-09-15 12:56:13]
User921987 - Posts: 218
@ertrader This is a bit off-topic but I see you're a Stage5/Advantage customer. Can you tell us briefly about your experiences ?
[2022-09-15 13:27:23]
User42554 - Posts: 10
Hi all,

I have a serious issue with SC when it is under load. SC suddenly freeze and when I switch screens it looks like this(see attachment).
I never had such issue before, this problem persist some weeks now.
I tried to reinstall OS with SC unfortunately it doesn't helps.

Debian 11 5.10.0-18
Wine 7.17
SC ver 2438
image2022-09-15_15-13.png / V - Attached On 2022-09-15 13:19:03 UTC - Size: 36.76 KB - 86 views
[2022-09-15 13:31:45]
gary.es.nq - Posts: 26
Its wine. I had the same issues yesterday. Wine 7.15 works flawlessly. I can't stress the importance of backing up everything. On Linux or Windows.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-09-15 13:33:16
[2022-09-15 13:36:39]
User42554 - Posts: 10
OK, I try to downgrade Wine, thanks
[2022-09-16 01:48:04]
ertrader - Posts: 580
@User921987. Stage 5/Advantage has been great. No issues at all. Margins, costs, setup, speed... really good. I have both a cash and trust account with them. The trust account was difficult due to the trust company but they all worked through everything well.
[2022-09-16 04:13:59]
User921987 - Posts: 218
@ertrader Thanks for the feedback.

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