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Date/Time: Sun, 29 May 2022 02:54:58 +0000


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[2013-09-05 01:59:19]
C. Notes - Posts: 98

Is it possible through any means in SC to access the IB TWS "Real Fx Balances" through say a SC study...
As the TWS doesn't convert crosses back to USD I'm looking for a means to integrate the true balances with SC..

From what I can tell SC uses the Virtual position...Which in many cases is inaccurate. (without manually updating those in the TWS)

Let's say much in the way the live account balance works...just a study with balances for AUD,GBP,CAD,EUR,JPY,NZD,CHF,USD (and Total) from the Market Value section.

I'm more or less asking if this is possible, and by what means, than making a request as I know you folks are busy...

[2013-09-05 02:40:05]
C. Notes - Posts: 98

If it is possible...I would gladly throw a few bones to the cause...

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