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Date/Time: Sun, 29 May 2022 01:33:46 +0000

Auto scrolling Chart to the End

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[2013-09-04 16:52:19]
Viacheslav Malafeev - Posts: 88
Dear Support,
I've used plenty of Trading Platforms and I can't get my head around why Sierra Chart doesn't support auto scrolling to the end of the chart. This should be quite easy to implement, so why not do it??? Why do you insist I should always press the END button?

The other question is why you don't support the option of seeing the actual price when the user moves the horizontal line tool. When I use crosshair, I can see the price, but when I move the line, I don't!

So tell me, as a paid customer, is it the matter of some principle that you keep rejecting these 2 simple things???

Otherwise, Sierra Chrart is a super software, it's number 1 for me.
[2013-09-04 17:52:49]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 102918
As long as the chart is scrolled to the last bar, then when a new bar or bars are added, the chart will automatically scroll to show the latest bars. It sounds as though you are inadvertently scrolling the chart back possibly by accidentally bumping the scroll wheel on your input device.

You can see the actual price through the Tool Values windows:


It raises the CPU load significantly, if we were to display the price directly on the chart while drawing a horizontal line. So usually that is avoided.
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[2013-09-04 21:44:32]
Viacheslav Malafeev - Posts: 88
Thanks, I can see now how to make the last bar seeable. If it raises CPU load for some machines, why not add it as an option for those who actually don't care? (with a big ATTENTION reminder)

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