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How to apply saved spreadsheet to the chart?

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[2013-09-01 18:47:25]
User14682 - Posts: 83
I developed a spreadsheet trading system and saved it. I am trying to upload the spreadsheet to a chart and run a back test and the spreadsheet wont take. Any help?
[2013-09-01 19:08:09]
tomgilb - Posts: 3277
Add the correct spreadsheet study, and press Select next to the Spreadsheet Name field to choose your saved spreadsheet.

This won't have saved your spreadsheet settings. To do that, use the Save Single button in the Save Studies As Study Collection section, after you have given it a name and checked Prompt To Remove Existing Studies.
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[2013-09-01 19:33:06]
User14682 - Posts: 83
When I try to add the spreadsheet from the studies tab the signals dont show up? when I retrieve the spreadsheet from the file tag it look perfect??
[2013-09-01 19:52:27]
tomgilb - Posts: 3277
Look at every Sheet# tab on the spreadsheet.

Sheet#'s correspond to chart #'s. If you added it to a chart # that is different than the one it was on when you built the formulas, you will be looking at a sheet without formulas.
[2013-09-01 19:58:05]
User14682 - Posts: 83
Right on thanks
[2013-09-04 03:56:43]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 102918
The instructions for what you want to do are in step 8 here:
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