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[Programming Help] - John Ehlers 'Foward Reverse Ema' for SC study

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[2017-07-04 17:50:18]
Seanz - Posts: 17
Here's the Easy Language code for Ehlers' new indicator - could someone please convert into a SC study. Many thanks.

  Forward / Reverse EMA
  (c) 2017 John F. Ehlers


CC = 1 - AA;  
EMA = AA*Close + CC*EMA[1];

RE1 = CC*EMA + EMA[1];
RE2 = Power(CC, 2)*RE1 + RE1[1];
RE3 = Power(CC, 4)*RE2 + RE2[1];
RE4 = Power(CC, 8)*RE3 + RE3[1];
RE5 = Power(CC, 16)*RE4 + RE4[1];
RE6 = Power(CC, 32)*RE5 + RE5[1];
RE7 = Power(CC, 64)*RE6 + RE6[1];
RE8 = Power(CC, 128)*RE7 + RE7[1];

Signal = EMA - AA*RE8;

[2019-11-28 11:56:24]
kasabo - Posts: 27
Seanz, have you had it as SC study already?
I also would like to run a forward ema(500) over the price series and obtain a curve. Then another ema(500) over that curve to have a reference line to be able to measure volatility.
Does this study do so?
[2022-11-17 00:27:41]
User271338 - Posts: 3
Has anyone been able to convert this code into a SC study?
[2022-11-26 19:36:25]
User183724 - Posts: 174
you can write this up in a 'Spreadsheet Study'. Its a little slower than ACSIL but usually easier to code and tweek


it looks like it would be a pretty good for convergence divergence as well


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