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Date/Time: Tue, 18 Jun 2019 17:55:11 +0000

Alert Manager

Support Request:
[2013-08-16 17:43:23]
sandpiper4011 - Posts: 10
I am using version 1011 -

the alert log in Alert Manager is working fine however each time a new message appears the "Scroll Bar' returns to the top of the scroll bar column. I have searched the documentation and the support messages without a solution.

I tried to activate the scroll bar using the options in the scroll bar column but not able to activate a change. (Even tried turning the monitor upside down but that did't work either

Any help would be appreciated - thks
[2013-08-16 18:35:27]
User53900 - Posts: 5
I am actually not getting any alerts sent to the alert manager via the AddAlertLine function on SC v. 1011 but was on v. 997.
[2013-08-17 00:15:42]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 72918
The scrolling problem for the Alert Manager will be resolved.

The problem with sc.AddAlertLine will be resolved in the next release coming out now.
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[2013-08-17 05:01:28]
Al SC Developer - Posts: 434
The scrolling issue will be fixed in ver 1013.

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