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TPO Chart

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[2013-08-14 18:13:09]
marty_nv - Posts: 85
Is there a way to set the "Letters/blocks in own column" (Right Click TPO chart) as a default view so that right click may not have to be used?
[2013-08-14 21:50:21]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 102837
Do you mean have all of the TPO profiles in the chart display the subperiods in their own column?

We could do that.
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[2013-08-14 23:14:43]
marty_nv - Posts: 85
See attachments
1 normal view
2 would be with columns automatically rolling into the next period without manually right clicking in each period to get the "in its own column" view.

Your charts are amazing. Thank you for all your work.
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Private File
imageTPO_in_own_column_2013-08-14_2302.png / V - Attached On 2013-08-14 23:10:42 UTC - Size: 85.68 KB - 414 views
[2013-08-15 15:19:27]
marty_nv - Posts: 85
With an automatic merge feature (prior or next), a chart as attachment could be continuously build without touching controls--great for support, resistance, trends. Actually, a continuous TPO in an "each in its own column" then could be built.

Thanks for considering.
imageTPO_Auot_merge_2013-08-15_1513.png / V - Attached On 2013-08-15 15:17:52 UTC - Size: 79.79 KB - 393 views
[2013-08-15 17:21:17]
trademechanics - Posts: 29

Are you talking something similar to the screenshot attached?
I actually find this view very useful, having it side by side with Sierra's TPO profile. It prevent us to be always switching between the profile view and the its own column view.

Personally I would suggest a study outside the TPO chart type.
Having a study that allows us to plot text similar to TPO charts instead of a regular bar/candle chart gives us the ability to plot other studies which we cannot use on TPO charts.

I for example have in that chart an initial balance study and a volume by price study only applied on the last day.
imageTPO_bar_type.png / V - Attached On 2013-08-15 17:21:13 UTC - Size: 94.82 KB - 383 views
[2013-08-15 22:43:52]
marty_nv - Posts: 85
"gives us the ability to plot other studies which we cannot use on TPO charts."

Hi Trademechanics,
This would be a great idea. As I work through various studies in various environments, I know that I would like to adapt them to TPO-like studies as well. Once the "each in its own column" approach is in view, adding studies, even number bars-like studies would be a logical progression that I am personally fascinated with, but beyond resources I have at this time.

"Are you talking something similar to the screenshot attached?"
There is no link on your reply, or I would comment on the screenshot. If you would care to re-post, I would be interested in seeing it. Thanks for your time.
[2013-08-16 16:19:41]
trademechanics - Posts: 29
There is no link on your reply, or I would comment on the screenshot. If you would care to re-post, I would be interested in seeing it. Thanks for your time.

I don't know what is happening since I can see the image I posted but I cannot see the images you posted.
Maybe this is how the forum is set too now? We cannot see the images posted by others, only support is able to see all images?

[2013-08-16 20:02:37]
marty_nv - Posts: 85
Hi Trademechanics,
I notice that when I attempt to re-upload, there are 2 buttons, "delete" and "make private". It seems that if I click upload and close the box without choosing "make private", the upload doesn't happen. If I choose "make private" the upload cannot be seen as though I didn't upload, except to me. Trademechanics, your upload was labeled "private file", not viewable (no link).

Admin, how does uploading work so that others may see? If it could be done, I would like to share a file or 2.

imageTPO_in_own_column_2013-08-14_2302.png / V - Attached On 2013-08-16 19:53:33 UTC - Size: 85.68 KB - 356 views
Attachment Deleted.
Attachment Deleted.
[2013-08-16 20:06:58]
trademechanics - Posts: 29
I never chose the private option. It seems this is by default.
Maybe it's a bug or support changed the way images are shared.
[2013-08-16 20:12:00]
marty_nv - Posts: 85
Hopefully Admin will respond to post 8. I am confused...
[2013-08-16 20:31:29]
marty_nv - Posts: 85
Dear Admin, in looking at the "screenshot/image" file link above, the only options available was the "Delete" or "make private". The "make public" option in the example was not available. None of the 3 bullets of the example were present. Is this the way it is supposed to be? Thanks.

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