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[2013-08-13 17:15:08]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 5139

Dear Sir dear Madam

please help me to preset a bracket order for the ordering per "Trade/Trading Chart DOM on" in the software Sierrachart 997 TT FIX. I like to preset an automatic stop loss of 6 point and an automatic take profit of 10,5 pips for every entry order and 1 contract. I see the function "Trade/Open Trade Window for Chart" but I don't know what must I fill in which fields "Targets? Stop All? Stop? Group OCO Group 1? Move to break even for Stop? Set? I describe my wish:
1. I use the "Trade/Trading chart dom on". Than I take per mouse a entry stop order (buy stop or sell stop). I am using the one click function (It's perfect).
2. If the entry order will filled (triggered), it shall suddenly be a SL 6p and a TP 10,5p in the chart.
3. Than I like to move the SL in the chart.
4. If the TP is filled, if possible the SL order shall automatically deleted (OCO one cancel other).
5. Or if the SL is filled, the TP order shall automatically deleted.
Please help me to type which digits in which field.
Thank you very much.

With kind regards

Sierra Chart Support
[2013-08-14 00:34:07]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 102918
Your requirements are very simple. You will notice at the top of the Trade Window a list box which contains Simple Bracket. Select that and adjust the Limit and Stop Offsets to what you require. Complete documentation can be found here:
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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