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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 09:57:51 +0000

DOM Thoughts...

Support Request:
[2013-04-01 10:31:47]
C. Notes - Posts: 96
Here's some thoughts on the trade dom...

1st would be nice if there was a mode where full screen was not so huge...(so that a double click would open a smaller version)

2nd if the time and sales window could be a part of the full screen dom on the right side, it would center more nicely and give more balance and of course more information...Like "Attach time and sales window to chart" much like the trade panel...I get that the new VBP study covers that but I and probably many are used to watching the tape roll so to speak...As I'm using it in full screen there is plenty of extra space on the right...

Lastly if the crosshair could be present in there it would be super helpful

Just some thoughts..I'm enjoying many of the new DOM improvements!

[2013-04-03 03:08:02]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65029
1. This is not really clear for us. We are also planning a more narrow compact version of the Trade Window that is either docked to the left or right. Maybe this will help.

2. Technically this is a lot of work to implement. It will have to be considered later.

3. We could do this, but for what purpose? Is it useful when you have a Volume by Price study on the Trade DOM?

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[2013-04-05 04:58:05]
C. Notes - Posts: 96

I guess you answered the first question...

As far as the crosshair, I constantly use it to align chart orders. I much prefer the trade dom though.
I use the crosshair while looking at multiple charts most often...timeframes etc.

Often times the perspective of a chart on regard to orders can get tricky.
I like to look at a broader chart perspective, which makes chart orders congested.
Thus, I use the trade dom for accurate entry. If the crosshair were to show in both, it would be much easier to align orders, follow the VBP study and the chart at the same time as visually the crosshair sync between charts is very efficient and useful.

Thanks much for the reply!

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