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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 17:19:38 +0000

[User Discussion] - Simple Alert RSI (and or OR relation) ?

Support Request:
[2013-04-01 09:31:27]
zatopek - Posts: 15

Please help me. I want to use a simple alert when the RSI is crossing from below the 70 or crossing from above the 30.
In the examples I've seen this =AND(CROSSOVER(SG1, SG2), SG1 > 70) That's only from below crossing the 70.

But I want to use the formula also for crossing from above the 30. How do I do this? I am getting confused which parameter I have to use, AND or OR.
In my case, SG3 is the 30 line.

Would anybody be so kind to give me the complete formula?

[2013-04-01 16:28:34]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 64948
This is the formula you will want to use:
=OR (AND(CROSSOVER(SG1, SG2), SG3 <30) ,AND(CROSSOVER(SG1, SG2), SG1 > 70) )
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[2013-04-17 07:29:15]
zatopek - Posts: 15
=OR (AND(CROSSOVER(SG1, SG2), SG3 <30) ,AND(CROSSOVER(SG1, SG2), SG1 > 70) )

Thanks for the formula but it doesn't work for 100%.... When SG1 is crossing SG2 to go up I get a soundsignal but when SG1 is crossing SG3 to go down below 30 I get no soundsignal. Maybe there is something wrong in the formula or maybe I have to use ";" instead of "," because of my Windows language?

Please help.

[2013-04-18 01:44:25]
tomgilb - Posts: 1972
Try this formula:


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