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Date/Time: Wed, 04 Oct 2023 13:43:06 +0000

De-activate click & drag the Order Position "Line" only

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[2013-07-01 02:44:23]
Rainer - Posts: 108
At times a trendline (or other drawn object) is directly on a LIVE Order position line and selecting the object only selects the actual Live Order and I can not select the object without moving the Live Order.
Is there a way to make the Live Order Position Lines (Line only) 'not active', and in order to move a Live Order you would only be able to do so by selecting it at the actual far end, the 'Order-block'; (white written text on red background), see attached pic?

Could not find answer in Help
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[2013-07-01 03:18:22]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Disable Trade >> Chart Trade Mode On and then enable Trade >> Show Orders and Position
You can add ToolBar buttons for each of these commands for easy access.

Or you can just set up a separate chart with the configuration we describe in the first sentence.

Another method is that you can use Tools >> Move Drawing and then select the drawing by line number.
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[2013-07-01 18:43:35]
Zosimus - Posts: 345
What I do is draw all the drawings on a separate chart and have all of them be automatically duplicated to the chart from which I do the trading. This way the drawings and the trading orders lines don't get mixed up. I use the Chart Settings >> Advanced Settings 2 >> Copy Chart Drawings from Chart #'s:" in order to have the drawings copied to the trading chart.

Another thing you can try is to uncheck the "Support left Click to select Chart drawings". You will find this the the Tool Settings. In this mode the left click will choose the trading lines but not the drawings and in order to choose the drawings you will choose the "Adjust Drawing", "Move Drawing" etc... which you should see when you right click on a tool and you don't see them you can add them buy going to Global Setting >> Customize Chart Drawing Menu.

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