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[2013-06-28 23:44:54]
StevieD - Posts: 39
Maybe I missed it in the ACSIL documentation...

1) A way to execute a Sierra default Menu command, such as "Show/Hide Chart Values Window" (and other internal windows: Quote Board, Alerts, Trade Activity, Trade Orders and Positions, etc)

2) A way to show/hide a toolbar

3) A way to determine and/or change the type of pointer in use (pointer, crosshair, hand, etc)

4) A way to clear the SC log window

I also have 2 suggestions for ACSIL...

1) Include a "message/log" window specifically for use in custom code. The lexicon exists within SC through specific Toolbuttons used for custom code. It could get fancy with options to be similar to a Windows messagebox window, an SC log-type window, or an SC chart/toolvalue-like window with a grid. The SC-log window has no (easy) way I found to clear it before writing to it. There is no (easy)way that I know of to work with the tools or chart values windows. I don't want to include windows.h and create/maintain my own window.

2) An extraordinary feature would be an option for an Alert to run ACSIL code. Think of the possibilities! A Triggered Limit Order Entry would be as simple as putting a HorzLine on a chart, setting the alert criteria, and choosing an option to "run function" MyTriggerLimitCode. I know, easier said than done. But the possibilities!

Thanks for a great product.
[2013-06-29 01:20:43]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
1-4. These are not supported.

1, 2. We are not able to take any new advanced requests now. It will be many months before we can.
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