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[User Discussion] - automated trading position reversal

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[2013-06-25 13:51:03]
User60591 - Posts: 39

I'm starting with automated tradig via spreadsheets an I have a little problem.

The system is basically two moving average crossover.

BUY ENTRY and BUY EXIT work fine but I'm having the problem with SELL ENTRY and SELL EXIT.

Namely when the buy exit is generated it closes the long position but it should take the oposite position and go short.

I can't make him to go short on the same signal as for BUY EXIT. (MA cross from above)

So it's trading only the long side.

in spreadsheet settings Allow Opposite Entry with Opposing possition is set to YES.

Pls. advise



I see it now it's opening a short position to.. but there is a problem with order que.
It does not wor every time because orders cancle each other i presume.
can you pls help me with that.

How should formula look?

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attachmentMA_SYSTEM_vr1.docx - Attached On 2013-06-25 13:50:40 UTC - Size: 308.58 KB - 467 views
[2013-06-25 14:26:41]
tomgilb - Posts: 3629
The reversal from long to short happens when the Sell Entry goes TRUE. The exits do not initiate a reversal.

Try removing the redundant formulas in L3 and N3, and setting Cancel All Orders On Entries And Reversals to Yes.
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[2013-06-25 14:35:32]
User60591 - Posts: 39
I know, but it closes the position and does not open short each time.
When I do the simulation it works fine. All trades are shown in trade report, but when I run i t on simulated account, sort position is not initated every time (1 of 10 times it goes short)

done that

Thanks !!! IT WORKS!!!
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