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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Jul 2022 17:17:56 +0000

[User Discussion] - Optimization and Strategy Report

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[2015-11-20 16:05:59]
User92311 - Posts: 11
Hey there,
I looked into the support board on these topics and couldnt really find anything satisfactory.

1) Why not creating a simple equity line page for the backtesting/replay stats?

2) SC is quite easy to code on and you can develop complex strategies which work pretty well, but looks like people definitely needs something to optimize or walk forward the variables.

[2015-11-20 19:16:30]
crazybears - Posts: 314
[2015-11-20 20:05:50]
User92311 - Posts: 11
Sorry I think I lost you there...
[2015-11-20 20:23:19]
crazybears - Posts: 314
it means i strongly support your request,it's the only tool that SC lacks , i'm willing to pay additional subscription,as in marketdelta or investor r/t .
[2015-11-21 03:02:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103698
1. If you are referring to an Account Balance for simulated trading, that capability is coming in the coming months. Not sure how soon we can get to it.

2. This is an area of development, that Sierra Chart does not support and there are no plans for this.
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[2015-11-22 12:36:01]
User92311 - Posts: 11
For crazybears.

Onn from Trade29.com is working on something in that direction .
He is one of the best programmers who work with SC.
He is beta testing something already but I reckon he has the skills to get to something useful done.

Get in touch with him and ref to this conversation, I m sure he has something to say about this.
[2015-11-22 13:03:11]
crazybears - Posts: 314

ok thanks,i have also contacted this:http://www.profsoftware.com/bt/home.htm
he replied if there would be some interest from SC users he would have implemented a version for SC.
thanks again
[2015-11-22 18:12:35]
User92311 - Posts: 11
They re website is awful and I coudnt really get how much they are charging for the software but I am definitely interested too.
[2016-01-06 18:40:43]
User760942 - Posts: 120
Hi Crazybears and User92311, I am definitely interested in this Optimization tool as well. Did profsoftware.com and/or trade29.com ever build it?
[2016-01-07 07:06:05]
crazybears - Posts: 314

[2016-01-07 12:04:01]
User92311 - Posts: 11
hello everyone , i ve bought the optimizer, the first module and it s working fine. The guys is very helpful and so is the software.
Obviously these are the first versions so probably for a while there will be bugs popping out that would need to be fixed but at least finally there is something we can use with Sierra!
[2016-01-07 21:41:30]
User344098 - Posts: 2
Yes (User760942),
The new fully automated "Sierra Charts Backtester/Optimizer (PssSCBT)" is ready:
Check it out ...
imageIntro1.jpg / V - Attached On 2016-01-07 21:38:43 UTC - Size: 201 KB - 719 views
[2021-09-12 10:20:10]
aelagha - Posts: 27
If SC has optimization or walk forward opt, I would never switch or use another platform. Right now though, have to develop the same strat on two platforms using two langs, which sucks..
[2022-05-12 22:16:46]
Trader_Rob - Posts: 8
aelagha, i think the backtester has been polished. I'm switching over from NT to Sierra, so haven't actually used the software or the tester, but it looks to be working, and with some better features than the NT optimizer. https://profsoftware.com/bt/

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