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Date/Time: Sat, 04 Feb 2023 00:16:17 +0000

SierraCharts Update discrepancy

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[2013-06-19 22:57:55]
bmoney - Posts: 32
I downloaded the prerelease from the help menu, however I accidentally pressed No when prompted to close the SierraCharts. The downloaded data unpacked while SierraChart was open, however I did not agree to the Licensing Info on the next step. Could this affect the Sierra Charts?

After that I downloaded the prerelease again from the help menu and this time I did click yes to close Sierra Charts. Once the installation was done, however, I went back to the help menu and attempted to download the prerelease again and it succeeded and brought me to another installation prompt, when it should have given me the message “There is no new version available. Thank you.” I did this several times and still did not get the no new version available message. In fact the only time I get that message is if I choose Download the Current Version from the help menu. Did something happen to the SierraCharts when I left it open while it unpacked the download because usually when I choose Download the Prerelease after downloading the prerelease I get the No new version message.

For future reference, I would also like to know if I proceeded with the installation while it was open would Sierra Chart give an error in the message log? Would another installation solve the problem? Would any of the tick data be affected?

[2013-06-20 00:34:05]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104357
1. No to the first question.

2. It has always been the case that when downloading the prerelease, it will be downloaded no matter what version you are running.

3. When Sierra Chart is running when you are installing it, you simply will be prompted that files are locked during the installation process. You can then exit Sierra Chart at that time.

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