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Date/Time: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 12:57:35 +0000

Stop and Reverse with your Chart Trader or Chart DOM

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[2013-06-14 13:34:32]
marktoronto - Posts: 4
Hi Sierra :

I'm currently using Ninja Trader to Enter my orders and I'm exploring the possibility of using your ChartTrader or Dom instead.

Before I invest a lot of time learning and testing your ChartTrader I need to know if it can do one thing. I noticed there is a "Reverse" button on your DOM ... and I was wondering if I could set up a group of Orders (including an Entry, Stop and Target) but would also include a "Stop and Reverse" that would automatically[/b] Reverse my order when the protective Stop got hit. I'm not sure not now from my brief review of your information whether this can be done automatically or whether I would manually have to hit your Reverse button.


[2013-06-14 17:54:30]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 99781
The only way to do this now is after the Stop order becomes active is to manually modify the Stop order quantity and increase it to twice its size. That's easy enough to do just simply by clicking on the quantity on the order line.
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