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Date/Time: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 13:52:17 +0000


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[2013-06-14 01:34:16]
Rino - Posts: 124
Please forgive me but I am having a brain cloud.

I am using VbP charts. If I am not using the continuous contract
do I still need to adjust my charts for rollover to
the new (from ESM3 to ESU3) contract? I am using
Infinity (TransAct).

If I do. Do I adjust the M contract the -6 points before
I roll to the U?

Thanks in advance.

PS I did a rollover already and the volume profile charts
seem okay. Man I am really bothered by this. Not for any
other reason then I can't remember what to do.

[2013-06-14 02:41:03]
Rino - Posts: 124
One of the reason for my query is shown in the following screenshot of the new U contract.
If you look it is right up to 15:30. Then old contract levels until 18:14:54. Then right again.

Am I crazy?

Should I just scrub that time off my charts?

Thanks again


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