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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 23:39:07 +0000

[User Discussion] - Offering To The Community: Scale Study to 100 Graph By Zero Line

Support Request:
[2015-07-26 15:19:29]
bjohnson777 (Brett Johnson) - Posts: 237
I've been programming some indicators from my base tool kit and am offering them to the community. I request they be added into the main SC distro once checked over.

From the "Display Study Documentation" button:

Scale Study to 100 Graph By Zero Line. This is a simple translator that will convert an oscillator graph with values above and below 0.0 to a 100 scale graph with 50 being the new middle line (from the previous 0.0 line). This is used to combine multiple studies on one chart and have a fixed middle point instead of several floating middle points that are hard to read.

To use this, first add one of the horizontal line studies as the base of the new chart region. I prefer "Lines 5" but at a minimum set a single line to 50.0 to be the middle of the range. Go into the Scale option, select User Defined, set Top = 100.0 and Bottom = 0.0.

Add your source study to the same chart region as the horizontal line(s) and configure your settings with all of the lines set to hidden. It is recommended to put the source study under the horizontal line study in the "Studies To Graph" list for clarity.

Add this Scale study to the same chart region. It is recommended to put the Scale study under the source study in the "Studies To Graph" list for clarity.

Use the drop down box for "Based On" and select the source study you just added. The "Input Data" lines might come up with the wrong value or go blank in the configuration box. Select each "Input Data" line and assign it a new input value from the bottom drop down box. If the source study has multiple output lines, set every one that should be visible. Note: All of the 5 lines must have a value. It doesn't matter which value the unused lines will get.

Remember that the first line to be drawn on the chart will be below all the other lines. Line 1 will be below Line 2. Line 2 will be below Line 3. Make sure to account for this in your desired order from the input box.

Set "Number Of Lines To Draw" to the number of lines you want to see on the chart. If your study only has 1 line, then leave the value at 1. If drawing all 3 lines from MACD, select 3. The remaining lines will be skipped over and not drawn.

On the Subgraphs tab, select your line(s) and assign the preferred color and line style. The rest of the lines will automatically be set to Ignore once the Scale study loads.

If adding other studies on top of this one that are already 100 scale (like Stochastic or RSI), set any horizontal lines they have to hidden to avoid those lines being drawn on top of previous graph lines.

To see the unchanged values of the original study, open the Tools Values Window and put the mouse cursor in Crosshair mode.

Minor update 2016-10-15. No major function changes.
Regular compiles moved to "Brett Johnson's Standard Tool Kit" DLL.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2016-10-15 06:55:04
attachmentScaleTo100ByZeroLine.cpp - Attached On 2016-10-15 06:54:46 UTC - Size: 9.17 KB - 36 views
attachmentScaleTo100ByZeroLine.dll - Attached On 2016-10-15 06:54:54 UTC - Size: 79 KB - 32 views
[2016-10-15 06:55:14]
bjohnson777 (Brett Johnson) - Posts: 237
Today's DLL was compiled with the M$VC++ change over.
You may need to update your SC version.
Keep your previous DLL version until you've tested the new compile.
Most changes were made to shut up useless M$VC++ warnings when compiling.
There are a few compile warnings left about "argument" that can be ignored.
No real functionality changes have been made.

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