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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Aug 2022 10:10:57 +0000

DNT IQ Feed not working

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[2013-06-10 14:39:09]
User33824 - Posts: 3
I just signed up for DNT IQ feed..I have connected the IQ feed but It is reading very slow and skipping. Not sure what to do here.. Also, the contract symbols look different now. I am trying to connect crude oil charting. Can you tell me what is the symbol for the month right now with most volume traded..in other words the most popular crude contract trading right now and how can I find out which is the right contract to trade? Thanks
[2013-06-10 15:17:37]
ganz - Posts: 1048


just have a look at



gd lck
[2013-06-10 15:24:27]
User33824 - Posts: 3
I thought /CL was the root for crude..not even seeing crude in the second link

[2013-06-10 15:31:58]
ganz - Posts: 1048

try QCL# or QCLN13

gd lck
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[2013-06-10 15:39:25]
ganz - Posts: 1048

File -> Find Symbol

gd lck
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[2013-06-10 16:38:08]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104220
Use the symbol:
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[2013-06-10 17:39:29]
joshtrader - Posts: 377
IQFeed is working fine today with SC, it's not on their end.
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[2013-06-10 17:41:08]
User33824 - Posts: 3
i got it..was the contract change info..thanks to everyone..big ups

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