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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 03:52:34 +0000

[User Discussion] - Offering To The Community: Ease Of Movement With Filters

Support Request:
[2015-07-19 14:24:44]
bjohnson777 (Brett Johnson) - Posts: 237
I've been programming some indicators from my base tool kit and am offering them to the community. I request they be added into the main SC distro once checked over.

From the "Display Study Documentation" button:

Ease Of Movement With Filters (EMV). A volume based oscillator developed by Richard Arms. Above the zero line shows positive movement. Below the zero line shows negative movement. Small volumes and a large high-low price range will produce higher EMV values since it took lower volume to move price more. Large volumes and a small high-low price range will produce lower EMV values since it took higher volumes to move the price a smaller amount. Once the price breaks out, the EMV line will start moving again. When price is significantly moving, the EMV line should be moving in the same direction and away from the zero line. This indicator should be used with other indicators to confirm final price movement.

This EMV version has a Volume Filter option to handle cases when a volume spike smashes the indicator making it hard to read. Large institutions sometimes do this to hide their activity afterward. The "Straight" option passes volume data through without any filtering. The "Log" option runs each volume bar through the log function making a type of "log scale". The "Square Root" option runs each volume bar through the square root function making a type of "square root scale". The "MA Clip" option will clip volume above a chosen moving average. The final Smoothing option will apply a moving average to take some of the noise out of the final EMV line.

Observations. Log and Square Root volume filtering have an interesting side effect of shrinking the EMV value on low volume moves. This is useful for identifying dead zones during the trading day.

Minor update 2016-10-15. No major function changes.
Regular compiles moved to "Brett Johnson's Standard Tool Kit" DLL.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2016-10-15 06:39:26
attachmentEaseOfMovementWithFilters.cpp - Attached On 2016-10-15 06:39:10 UTC - Size: 8.2 KB - 51 views
attachmentEaseOfMovementWithFilters.dll - Attached On 2016-10-15 06:39:19 UTC - Size: 81.5 KB - 59 views
[2016-10-15 06:39:35]
bjohnson777 (Brett Johnson) - Posts: 237
Today's DLL was compiled with the M$VC++ change over.
You may need to update your SC version.
Keep your previous DLL version until you've tested the new compile.
Most changes were made to shut up useless M$VC++ warnings when compiling.
There are a few compile warnings left about "argument" that can be ignored.
No real functionality changes have been made.

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