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Date/Time: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 14:56:44 +0000

Unexpected spreadsheet signals

[2015-07-16 15:36:51]
User911705 - Posts: 89 | Ending Date: 2015-07-03 [Expired]

I have a spreadsheet for trading study that is operational and seems to be working mostly correct. However, I've had at least one occurrence of the following scenario:

Study is set to operate end of bar on 30 min bars with 20 rows in the sheet. The study properly plotted an up arrow for a long entry at 12:00. An order was submitted and correctly put on a position. 7 bars later, with the position on, the up arrow disappeared from it's original location and plotted on a bar that was impossible for the conditions to be true. I have screenshots of the chart and sheet, so I can be sure of this.

Even if the new arrow should have plotted (which it should NOT in this case) the original arrow should have stayed on the chart until the max 20 rows was reached, not row 7).

The rest of the trade played out correctly, but I'm sure you can imagine it's a worrisome situation that happened.

Can you advise on what might have happened or what I need to do to troubleshoot this?
[2015-07-16 16:14:16]
User911705 - Posts: 89 | Ending Date: 2015-07-03 [Expired]
Dear Support,

Please ignore message above. With some further thought I think I've figured out whats going on. Can you please verify that:

a) orders can only be created based on info from row 3 or row 4

and that

b) it is possible for cells to update in the sheet, thus causing arrows to plot after row 4.
[2015-07-16 21:13:09]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 88536 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
See our response here about this:

The documentation linked to in that thread does clearly answer these questions. And we have reviewed that documentation earlier today and have better organized it and clarified it.
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