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Date/Time: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 14:32:33 +0000

Horizontal Line Label

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[2013-06-08 16:37:16]
User57210 - Posts: 121
I would like to request that in addition to being able to turn off/on a price level label for a horizontal line drawing tool, that I be able to add a custom text label to a horizontal line label.

For example if I was interested in a level because it was the low from 4/15, I could input "4/15 low" as the custom label text and that show up on the chart where the price text label would typically be (with the right or left align option still available).
[2013-06-08 19:45:09]
tobi - Posts: 349

this is already possible e.g. for the drawing tools Horizontal Line and Horizontal Ray.

To do so, right click on your Horizontal Line and choose Modify Text.

In case Modify Text is not available, make sure you have added it in Global Settings >> Customize Chart Drawing Menu.

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