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VWAP color bar based on alart conidtion

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[2015-06-21 08:37:48]
Neo - Posts: 198
I'm trying to setup a color bar alert for my vwap study.

So Using the color bar based on Alert Condition, how can I setup a color bar alert when price crosses above(SG2) or below( SG3)

[2015-06-22 18:46:50]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Refer to the documentation here:

There are also examples here:

You will need to use the CROSSOVER function in the formula.
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[2015-06-22 21:50:55]
Neo - Posts: 198
Thanks, I managed to figure it out using separate color based alert condition studies.

I'm now wondering if it's possible to combine 2 functions so an alert is true if both conditions are met within x amount of bars or time.

eg "AND(CROSSFROMABOVE (L,ID1.SG5), CROSSFROMBELOW(H,ID1.SG3))" = True if occurs within Bars/time units <20

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