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Date/Time: Wed, 26 Jan 2022 04:22:18 +0000

Time specific Pivot Points-Daily

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[2013-06-06 10:42:18]
tobi - Posts: 349
I'm aware, that the Pivot Points-Daily are calculated based on the Session Times used in Chart Settings.

In forex trading often times traders like to look at Pivots based on different session times. 05:00 PM (NY-time) and 00:00 midnight (NY-time) Pivots are very popular.

Therefore, would you please consider adding the possibility to add the Session Time on which the Pivots calculation should be based on in the Pivot Points-Daily study. That way, e.g. the study could be used twice on a chart with different settings.
(In case this is relevant, the above is related to Formula Type 0)
[2013-06-07 09:12:13]
tobi - Posts: 349
Reason why I'm asking for this:

FXtrek/IntelliChart is going out of business http://www.fxtrek.com/Misc/ The software had this commonly used feature.
I do advertise for SC in a FX group where mainly IntelliChart has been used, since I'm 100% convinced of SC.
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[2013-06-07 21:46:16]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 100042
What you want to do is explained here:

It is at the bottom of the page.

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