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Date/Time: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 07:46:07 +0000

Error creating safe array

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[2013-06-05 19:13:15]
Satzinger - Posts: 2
Hello, I have two requests.
1. Anytime I add a spreadsheet to a chart I get a reoccuring message that says "Error creating safe array for spreadsheets." I tried to add one for Alerts and system, same issue.
2. Now, when I add a spreadsheet I'm getting a message warning me that the spreadsheet is locked. It is not set to use Excel. How do I unlock it?

Thank you

[2013-06-06 01:51:48]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104215
1. This is very unusual. It is something that we rarely if ever hear about. Could you restart your computer and reduce the number of programs you are running.

2. Another user reported this, and we are not sure of the cause. This is the thread:

They did find a solution to it.

We are right now developing new spreadsheet functionality which will solve this problem. It will be out in about 2 months.

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